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If you've already had your baby shower...

Where did you register? Did you have more than 1 registry? Did you get the items you'd hope for or did people stray from the list? Did you end up with multiples of things?

 Registered at Babies R US... but my 1st shower being held 900 miles away from store I registered in, I know it won't vary too much, but there will be things the store in the location I'm having the shower won't have that I wanted here (such as flannel crib sheets). And because I felt they didn't give people enough options in different price ranges, tempted to do a 2nd registry at Target.... but don't want to end up with multiples of everything. 

 Any thoughts/suggestions very much appreciated!


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Re: If you've already had your baby shower...

  • I registered at BRU and Amazon, with different items on each list (no overlap).  Only a few people bought things off the registry, and they were bigger items.  Everyone else just bought cute clothes.
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  • I had two main registries, BRU & Target.  Then I used myregistry.com to link them and just told people to go to the website.  It seemed to work well and then my guests could also to go to which ever store and print the registry they wanted to.
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  • I used wal mart.. I live in a tiny area and it's the main place everyone can get to.. I had to register online though and 98% of the things that I registered for weren't available in the store.. So needless to say I'm pretty sure I didn't get 1 thing off my registry.. =/
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  • I registered at Target and Amazon. No overlap on items. I put everything on the Target registry that they offered available in the store because I knew some of the people going to my shower wouldn't order anything offline. Everything else that wasn't available at Target, I put on the Amazon registry. So if there are some things that BRU doesn't have, it doesn't hurt to make a small registry at Target if they do have what you are looking for/have items with a lower price tag.

    I didn't receive any multiples and people mainly stuck to the registries. 


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    My showers were spread out all over the country, so I did all online registries. My main one was rightstart.com, I had babybedding.com for my bedding and changing pad covers and the like, and myregistry.com for the random things that rightstart.com didnt have. I ended up with a ton of stuff from my registries, but people also just went shopping and picked their own stuff (like outfits and such).  Some of the stuff I didn't need/like I returned/exchanged at the stores they came from. The only things I got multiples of were from people who didn't use my registries (like someone got me an infantino baby carrier, but I'd registered for baby bjorn which someone else got me - it was really easy to return the infantino).  
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  • My shower was this past weekend.  I registered at BRU and Target.  Did not overlap on items.  21 people attended the shower and most people purchased off the registry with about half shopping at BRU and half at Target.  Only 3 people purchased clothes (2 of which work at Gymboree so I fully expected clothes from them).

    I did receive 3 of the same super cute blankets from Target.  2 of the ladies happend to both be shopping at the same time and bought the same blanket and the 3rd (DH's older aunt) didn't know she had to tell them she bought off the registry.

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  • I was advised to do two registries. I also did babies r us and target. I was also told to do the same things on both - I didn't do exactly the same but kept it all similar. Especially in the items u really hope to get. But that was just our plan. One shower down and only one duplicate. My second shower in my home town is on Saturday so I might be singing a different turn then lol 
  • We registered at BRU and Target. To my surprise most people used the BRU registry, and only a few shopped at the Target registry despite the fact that Target is much accessible when we live. It's a mystery to me. My family is very scattered , so many weren't able to physically make it to my shower and ordered gifts online to be shipped to us instead. I would say we received 80% of what we registered for. Non-registry gifts were clothes (we didn't register for any). I didn't duplicate any items on my registry except for diapers and wipes because I wanted to minimize returns.

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  • I registered with my first 2 DDs, but noticed, ppl pretty much just go to a store and buy something cute, most don't pay attention or even look up registries. I didn't register this time, just let family know what I don't have yet, and what I have enough of, hoping that will spread by mouth and a lot of ppl buy diapers or wipes which are always needed. Anything is a joy to get, and if you end up with doubles, most times there is a gift receipt you can exchange for something else!
  • I had my shower this past weekend. I had 2 registries one at target the other at babies r us.  I did not duplicate anything.  Most of the items I got were off the registry except for the clothes. 

  • I registered at BRU and Target. I got all of the big items except a swing bought from my registry. I did do duplicates  but in my case it doesn't matter because we have a lake house as well and will be spending lots of time there. I received 2 pack n plays, 2 diaper pails, 2 bouncers, and 2 wipe Warmers. Of you get two d something with no gift receipt just mark it off your registry and the store will take it back:) 
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  • Haven't had my shower yet but I registered at BRU and Amazon. There are some duplicates only because Amazon's prices are better than BRU on some things.

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  • I had 2 registries. At Buy Buy Baby and Target.  Almost all of the gifts I received were off the registries and we only had a few duplicates due to an issue with the Target registry but I actually enjoyed it as I got to go to the store and pick up a few items that we didn't receive.
  • We registered at Target and BRU.  All of my larger items (pack n play, high chair, swing, stroller, carseat) were listed on the BRU registry only.  I mostly duplicated smaller items on the Target registry (with the exception of blankets, toys, etc that were cheaper).  I was just adament of watching my registries and when something was purchased, I marked it off of the other one.  That way, I wasn't limiting myself to getting the items I needed based on the store someone was shopping.

    Luckily, all of my big items were purchased (from the BRU registry), and the only duplicates I received were clothes.

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  • I only registered at BRU. I found that most people did NOT buy off my registry. I was told that people like to buy "fun" stuff, like stuffed animals and clothes.  I started dropping hints with friends and family about how hard I worked on researching everything on my registry when I noticed that very few things were off the list a week or so before my shower (rude? perhaps. oh well). That inspired a llittle more shopping off my registry.

    I got a TON of blankets and clothes (too many). I'm 5'8" and was surprised by how many people got NB clothes that he may not even fit in. I should also mention that very few people gave gift receipts so I ended up not being able to return most of the clothes. (I'll know this week what size he'll fit in. My guess in 0-3.)

    I was very grateful for the gift cards as I didn't get a LOT of what I needed.

    If I were to do it again, I would price shop and register at Target for the basics (diapers, toiletries, organizers, etc) and BRU for the other things.

    Good luck!

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  • image theresat858:
    I registered at BRU and Amazon, with different items on each list (no overlap).  Only a few people bought things off the registry, and they were bigger items.  Everyone else just bought cute clothes.

     This exactly.

    We got tons of clothes ( we are having a DD and were told this would probably happen). As an FYI- much more pleased with Amazon's registry and the 10% completion. Highly recommend Amazon. 

  • I registered at Amazon, BRU and Target. 

     My college/work/HS/non-baby friends demolished my Target registry and a little of my Amazon.

    My family and older relatives and friends who have had babies - purchased items from BRU.

     Out of state friends and family utilized my Amazon registry. 

      Pretty much, know your crowd, their budget, and what is close to them. Most of mine stuck to the registry, but did add their own cute touches, which I loved. 

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