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Who is feeding rice cereal, and how is it going for you?

I gave my baby her first supper last night.  The box said 1 tbsp of cereal, and 4 tbsp of breastmilk, which is what i did and it seems super runny!  almost as if i added nothing to the breastmilk, so then i went ahead and added another 1/2 tbsp of cereal, and it was still runny, but i thought i better not add more.


so tonight, i'm wondering if i should make it a little thicker?

and also make not as much?  cuz baby stopped being interested about 3/4 of the way through.

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Re: Who is feeding rice cereal, and how is it going for you?

  • The first few times it will be really runny, just so they start to adjust to spoon feeding.  We made it a little thicker each time.
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  • I haven't done it yet (I was supposed to for DD's acid reflux, but I'm trying to hold out until she's a but older) but I've read that breast milk breaks down the cereal.Could it be that?

    I'm curious to hear other's experience with mixing rice cereal and breast milk...

  • I honsetly don't follow the directions for the reason that you stated. I just mix it to the consistancy my dd likes. I have also been feeding her home made baby food and add rice and breastmilk to that the same way so it is the thickness she likes. It took me a few days to figure out how she would like it.  
  • I made it very runny the first time and then less and less runny each time. I only gave rice for 2 days because he seemed disinterested. Switched to organic oatmeal and he's been doing great with it! I think it has more flavor. I will save the rice and add fruits to it later on around 5-6 months. 
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  • We just started and its going good. I do  2 tablespoons of cerea( directions on box )  then add in some breastmilk , not to runny or to thick  .I made the mistake of doing it the evening and my daughter got quite an upset tummy. But now feeding  it  her in the morning seems to be better . 
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