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Does your LO have a pillow? In The Crib (gasp!)

LO often naps/sleeps with me and the first thing she does is crawl up on a flat bed pillow I have and fall asleep. I don't know if it's just more comfortable for her, or she's just used to it due to me keeping her propped up when she was teeny for her reflux. Or both. However! She doesn't have a pillow in her crib and does just fine without it, but I can't help but wonder- would she like one? I realize this is a sticky wicket for some, but I wanted to see if anyone had graduated into Pillow Land In The Crib.

Re: Does your LO have a pillow? In The Crib (gasp!)

  • My son, too!!! I don't have one In his crib(yet), but he does ball up his aden and anis muslin swaddling blanket and lays his head on that. The whole blankets and pillows thing does make me nervous, but the breathable blanket I have relented and let him have it. I think the biggest fear with the pillow would be that they wouldn't just sleep on it that they would eventually pick it up and it would windup on top of their face which would be dangerous. Perhaps consider the breathable blanket. 
  • Ever since he could roll from back to tummy (which was about 3.5 months old) he has slept on his stomach with his legs and arms scrunched up beneath him and his butt in the air. So no, he has no want or need for a pillow.

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  • She doesn't have a pillow yet, but she uses her stuffed animals like pillows all the time.  When she's on our bed she crawls right up to the pillows and cuddles on them.  We are probably going to introduce a pillow in the next 6 months.
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  • He doesn't have a pillow, but he has a stuffed duck, soft lamb rattle, lovey and his taggie blanket.  We are clearly not in the 'nothing in the crib' camp.  Oh, and we also have bumpers and not the breathable kind (gasp!).
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  • yup!

     She has the small ikea pillow.  She loves it. 

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  • Yes. Pillow pet duck. We started not too long ago with a really flat pillow but she just got the pillow pet for Easter. She is 1 year and walking and moving like her own little person. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it before that.
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    Yes LO does we put it in there to help with her nasal drip, coughing.  Never took it out.
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  • No pillow here... J gets his blankie, seahorse and a small stuffed cookie monster... But I take them all out when I go in and check in on him before we go to bed.  I think I am going to stop taking it all out. 
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  • I just gave my older son a pillow around age 2. 

    I just put a stuffed animal in the crib with DS2 last week.  He doesn't seem all that thrilled about it, though.  I keep trying to find some sort of transitional object to get him attached to so that he will maybe wake up overnight, find it and go back to sleep instead of using ME as his transitional object!  No pillow yet... DS2 just started crawling last month, so I just don't feel like he is strong enough to pick himself up out of a fluffy pillow if need be yet.

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  • Yes, she does. It's a lamb pillow-pet type thing (came with a blanket). We decided she was ready for it when she kept using her stuffed animals as pillows. She loves it. You don't have to give her one if you don't want to.
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  • She has a pillow. Like a totally normal pillow from my bed. I put it in her crib a few months ago.
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  • I put a pillow in her bed last night for the first time.  It's a pretty flat one from our bed.  I would like to get a better one to put in there though. But I think she is liking it so far. 
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