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What is Membrane Stripping?

I see many talking about it on here but I'm lost! This is my first pregnancy! Thanks!

Re: What is Membrane Stripping?

  • When you get to term or go over due(generally) some practitioners will do a membrane strip. 

    Basically, if you are dilated enough to get a finger in, they can insert a finger and cause the membrane to separate from your cervix and surrounding uterine wall by moving it around(the finger, not your cervix, haha). If you are more than that, they can use a couple fingers.  Sometimes they also try to stretch your cervix a little to cause more dilation.

    I've heard it can be pretty painful if your cervix isn't ripening already...  I just had mine done at 39.5 weeks, though, and it was uncomfortable, but luckily not painful.

  • The doctor or midwife places their fingers into the opening of the cervix and attempts to gently separate the amniotic sac from the uterus.

    Stripping membranes can become uncomfortable for the woman, causing abdominal cramping and possibly some spotting. The abdominal cramping can stimulate labor contractions.

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