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Teething & Tyle nol

LO has had some crankiness lately and I think it's due to early stages of teething. He wakes up at night and I think his gums are hurting. I started giving him tyle nol during his bath, before bedtime and he was sleeping great. But I feel terrible giving him the meds every.single.night. When I don't give him the meds, he wakes up an additional time, screaming, which is unusual for him.

My question is for tyle nol users, how often do you use it? Also what do you use as alternatives during the day? My daycare won't give Tyle nol and they suggested teething tablets but I'm not familiar with them. I'm not going to be using Ora jel either. 


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Re: Teething & Tyle nol

  • I don't have much experience yet with this because DD started to get cranky about teething just a couple of nights ago and I haven't given her anything yet (She was okay last night.)  I am concerned with starting to give Tylenol because I don't want to head down the path of giving it every night as well. I have heard great things about the tablets from relatives and friends, but I have also heard that they only relieve pain for a couple of hours. This might be okay to get your LO back to sleep. I would call your pedi and ask their opinion about the Tylenol situation. I was planning on doing the same when the time came. ;-) GL!
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  • I've used the teething tabs a couple of times and I think they helped. I used Tylenol once because he was really bad and I hadn't gotten the tabs yet. I have also used Orajel during the day and they will use that at my daycare, and that helped too. Out of everything, I prefer the tabs.

  • I have only used it when nothing else helps (teething ring, cuddles, etc). That has happened twice. I dont use teething tablets.
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  • I feel like the hyland teething tablets upset her tummy, she is often more spitty-uppy after I give them to her.

    I give tylenol when I think she's in pain, but not as a preventive measure. According to my pedi as long as you give an appropriate dose at the right time (so for us I give 1.25mL every 4-6 hours) then it's fine to do as needed. 

    Ask the pedi if you're not sure, but I think if it helps, low doses are probably fine. Ada cut her first two teeth before 5 months and I think she's working on the first top one now!

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  • We are running into the same problem. My twin boys are teething and I try to only used tylenol when nothing else works for them. I have tried Orajel Natural pain relievers and they seem to help with the pain. I have also tried the teething pacifier that sometime will help that at night.
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