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Bathtub Advice Needed

Short backstory:  We live in a small town and rentals are not easy to come by, especially a three bedroom which we have to have. 

Next month we are moving into a much bigger place that has been fully renovated (can not wait to have some space), unfortunately there is no bathtub.  I know, what was I thinking?!??! 

Any advice on not having a tub?  Thanks!

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Re: Bathtub Advice Needed

  • What about an inflatable tub that you can put in the shower?  You could change the shower head to one of the handheld shower heads and fill the inflatable tub, or just use the shower head with LO.

    Or, have LO shower with you and DH/SO.

    There's always the kitchen sink!

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  • Babies wash up very nicely in the kitchen sink :-)
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  • The kitchen sink is perfect at this age :) If you need a longer term solution, you might see if the inflatable duck tub fits in your shower (I think you can get it at Target). I know a friend who didn't have a tub in their rental used a Rubbermaid storage tub to bathe her kids. Made for some great pictures :P
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  • Extension hose on shower nozzle and buy one of the plastic raised tubs. Get a stool. 
  • We have a tub, but I use the munchkin inflatable duck tub in the regular tub and I love it and so does DD! It holds just enough water and is easy to inflate and deflate.

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