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Broken tailbone anyone?

Anyone break their tailbone pre pregnancy or during pregnancy and still having issues with it? I broke my tailbone when I was 12 or 13, so 8 or 9 years ago. Before getting pregnant I still couldn't sit in a metal chair for very long, or on the floor without it hurting.  For a few months after DS was born I couldn't sit anywhere without pain.  I really thought by now it wouldn't hurt so much but  yikes! It's killer sometimes! Anybody else dealing with this issue? I'm not sure what to do!

Re: Broken tailbone anyone?

  • I can't say that I know I broke mine ever but my tailbone has been sooooo site and I haven't been able to figure out why! Hmmmm
  • I pushed for 3 hours before my DD was delivered with forceps. . . My tailbone was broken during delivery and was by far the most painful part of my recovery.  For the first 6 months of my DD's life, I was unable to sit upright to hold her (I had to have my legs off to the side and lean against the arm of the couch).  I remember how great it felt to be able to sit in the rocking chair and rock my baby!  Now, it only bothers me if I sit for a long time on a hard chair. 
  • Me. DD#1 put so much pressure on my pelvis when I was pregnant with her, it cracked ( no pun intended). And 7.5 yrs and one more baby, I'm still having issues. Not everyday but often. I don't know if there's anything you Can Do but it's a bugger to live with.
  • I broke mine when I fell off a horse when I was a teenager and it was so sore at the end of my pregnancy and afterwards.  It seems to be fine now (fine as in back to only hurting after sitting for long periods of time - as it always did).  What I found to be really helpful with both pregnancies was to sit on the boppy when I was sitting around the house.  It really helped to relieve the pressure.  HTH
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  • I didn't know it was even possible, but I broke my tailbone during labor!  I arched my back and was pushing with all my might, and "Pop", I broke my tailbone.  I thought at first I broke the baby's arm or leg or something, luckily not.  It wasn't until I was moving to the recovery room that I realized something was wrong.  Now, a month later, I'm still in pain, but it's getting better.  Tip - don't arch your back when pushing!  What a pain in the butt!

  • I broke my tailbone during labor. I was pushing and literally heard it crack twice. I had an epidural so I didn't know this wasn't normal until it wore off. Then the pain was excruciating for about 8 weeks, couldn't sit upright, super painful to get out of the car or stand up. My lame doctor told me there was nothing I could do except for pain medication which turned out to be BS. After 2 months I saw a chiropractor and he fixed me (well almost). Still have occasional pain but nothing like before. It's manageable. See a chiropractor ASAP
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