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Hospital Bag?

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I'm a FTM and I've heard about the infamous 'hospital bag' and I'm just wondering what you're putting in yours?  Any special kind of pj's?  Panties?

Fill me in :) 


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Re: Hospital Bag?

  • I am wearing the hospital gowns and panties. I was told that you can ruin your clothes because of the heavy bleeding, so I won't bother packing them.

    I am packing hygiene products, flip flops, socks, hair brush, pony tail holders, going home outfit, some cash, cell phone and charger, camera and extra batteries.

    That's about it (they actually gave us a list of suggested items at the birthing class)...

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  • I didnt pack much for my first time (for the same reasons given above) and wished I had....the hospital gowns were terribly uncomfortable and WARM! I dont like being warm...luckily I had the light tank cotton dress that I wore in to the hospital and ended up wearing that as my "pjs" at night to be comfortable. This time I'm going to bring a couple options to be more comfortable. Along with that, just bring the basics for showering and getting ready, a going home outfit & flip flops for walking around the hospita! Happy packing!
  • Chapsick, gum, warm socks (it's cold in there), a robe, flip flops or house shoes, comfortable clothes to go home in. Cell phone chargers, change for vending machine, magazines or reading material, I bought my own hospital gown. Packing a sports bra...since I'm not nursing, and some comfy panties ($5, can throw away) for the trip home. I will wear the hospital panties while there. Other than that, make-up, & all the normal toiletries.
  • black granny panties to hold the big pads use the ones the hospital give u they are super absorbant and free...i will be taking a back scratcher this time last time i got really itchy i think it was the high bp meds i was on though....i got a simple robe to cover my butt when i get up... a big pack of hair ties u loose alot...candies i will bring jolly ranchers this time...notebook and pen for you or visitors to doodle in... i was in hospital 6days after my son so i will probably overpack this time because i had to send family to my house several times to get things and usually they got things i didnt really like...
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  • One thing I will surely change is that I WILL bring yoga pants and tanks this time around. I despised being in a hospital gown the entire time last time. Plus, if you buy them in black then no staining if for any reason you leak.

    Other than that these are the things on my list according to my experience the first time: my own pillow and comfy blanket, fluffy socks, yoga pants and tanks (I don't waste the money on spendy nursing tanks as regular ones work just as good), my own shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, deoderant, my own towel, hair binders and lots of them, snacks DH and I like, camera, Kindle/laptop, my own pads (I used the hospitals the first time which was fine but they got bunched up since I'm petite framed), movies, lotion, chapstick, hard candy for labor, boppy pillow.

    For baby they supply almost everything so I'm only bringing her some onesies, one soft cuddly blanket and mittens to prevent her from scratching herself, and the car seat of course. 

    I'm sure I'll add little things here and there but this is everything that I know I will want/need. 

  • image IrishBaby1982:

    Good Afternoon Ladies,

    I'm a FTM and I've heard about the infamous 'hospital bag' and I'm just wondering what you're putting in yours?  Any special kind of pj's?  Panties?

    Fill me in :) 


    This should help! There is a suggested packing list for mom, dad, baby and sibling.


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  • The usual hygiene products, flip flops, I bring my own Always ginormous pads because my hospital's pads are from the dinosaur ages, going home outfit, some stretchy loose fitting pants and tanks/tshirts to wear around the room (I hate the hospital gowns) and last but never least in my book - a small FAN.  It's hot here.  Really hot.  And my ancient hospital has ancient air conditioners that are terrible.  My hormones were crazy with both of my last babies and I have no doubt they will be crazy again this time.  I get super hot and a fan makes me feel better.  It also drowns out the hospital noise.  :)
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  • I go nuts without lip gloss so that's at the top of my list, along with my camelbak-- I seem to drink more when I have that handy.

    Also if you're a music person an ipod with a songlist sounds like a great idea.  Our hospital has a dock right by the bed. 

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  • I have a list but I have yet to actually pack. I need to get it together. Hopefully by 36 weeks it will be packed lol
  • I am also bringing a fan for background white noise- hospitals can be noisy.  A folder with copies of my birth plan, insurance info, living will, etc.  Money for vending machines.  Medications- my allergy meds and stool softeners.  I am also bringing antacids, pain relievers, etc. not only for me (after birth) but mainly for my coaches.  Stress headaches can be killers, and my DH is prone to them.  The hospital will not supply your guests with meds, so he would have to buy the expensive stuff in the gift shop.  My baby book for foot prints.  A pajama set I got at Motherhood Maternity (gown, robe, pants), socks, black yoga pants, toiletries, stuff for baby (onesie, blanket, outfit), camera/iPod/cell with chargers.  My boppy nursing pillow.  Preggo-pops for nausea......
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  • Mine was a little more involved because I have extreme sensitivites due to lupus- and I started it around 28 weeks because of a couple scares.  However, now at 35 weeks, and having just spent an entire day in L&D, I think I need to get on it and finish it up!

     I am taking comfy clothes and old sheets- but that is more because of the skin sensitivities.  I will break out in hives if my skin touches their sheets/gowns and I have no intention of being any more uncomfortable than I already will be!  So, I dug up old sheets we don't use and have clothes for delivery and after. 

    BC I am concerned about LO having sensitivities too, I packed clothes/swaddle blankets/diapers for him.  They took up very little space so I thought they were well worth it. 

    I also did the general chapstick, hygiene products, snacks, camera, chargers, batteries, flip flops, magazines routine that everyone else seems to do.  My ipad will go, and I will pack clothes for DH as well.  I also anticipate having to be there slightly longer than if I was having an uncomplicated pregnancy or I might not be packing the magazines.  

    I'm undecided on my boppy...the nurse during our breastfeeding class said they are difficult to prop baby properly right after birth because you're still pretty round, but I hear lots of people say they loved having it.   

  • Per my hospital and doctor's recommendations:

    For you:

    - Hospital birth plan (the hospital has a standard form they use)

    - Comfortable nightgown or pajamas that open for easy breastfeeding, robe and socks/slippers

    - Nursing Bra

    - Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and whatever else will make you comfortable) {they provide shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc if you like}

    - Eyeglasses {they recommend leaving contacts home and discourage them in l&d, but you can wear them post-partum}

    - Camera/Videocamera, with plenty of film or memory and batteries/charger

    - MP3 player or cd player (with batteries/charger)

    - Lip balm

    - Contact numbers for friends/family

    - Insurance card, photo ID and any hospital paperwork you haven't submitted

    - Notebook/pencil to write down questions for healthcare providers

    - Watch with a second hand for timing contractions

    - Massage equipment or other labor-related relaxation equipment

    - Comfort items like photos or your own pillow

    - Something to wear home, that would fit at about 20 weeks pregnant

    - List of prescriptions and the dosages


    For Partner:

    - One to two changes of clothes

    - Comfortable shoes, as there can be a lot of standing during labor/delivery

    - Snacks and beverages (they have room service/on demand food for moms and her guests, but not in L&D since everyone is NPO)

    - Toiletries (see above list)

    - Pillow and blanket

    - Chargers/batteries for personal electronics


    For Baby:

    - A set of clothes, a hat and a blanket

    - Something special for pictures if you intend to have newborn photos done

    - Infant car seat

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  • slip-on slippers, flip flops (to wear in the shower), all bathroom needs, a bathrobe, a nursing bra, two nursing tanks, an OLD pair of PJ pants (I'm glad I heeded that advice last time, because my pair was ruined while we were in the hospital), a sports bra (I labored in it), I did take some big ole panties but I don't think I wore them until 12 hours after DS was born.... maybe more.  I used the mesh panties while I could, but they were so big they didn't stay up well if I was up at all (which I WAS because my son was in the intermediate nursery for the first 24 hours).  Chapstick, make up, hair dryers weren't allowed (weird, right?), brush, hair stuff, camera/charger, cell phone/charger, laptop/charger (we skyped from the hospital!).  Boppy, lanolin, nursing pads... I can't remember what else.  I know I was glad not to have to wear the stupid hospital gown the whole time, but some people like it... this time I'll probably end up laboring nude or close to it and will have a nursing tank, old PJ pants and giant panties for after.  I just bought new (BLACK!) slippers too... and will wear them with the same cheap (but fantastic) bathrobe I got for DS1's birth. 

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  • Don't forget the baby book if you want their little footprints :)
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  • This is great. Thanks Moms! I still haven't packed my bag and I know I'm pushing it because I am due in FIVE days. hehe. I'm finding that I'll need the list handy more than anything because most of what I'm bringing are things that I use every day. I just don't want to forget anything so having the checklist handy really helps. Thanks to all of you, I have added some more items to my list.
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