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Juan Michael is almost 6 months old!

Juan Michael and I are doing great. He is growing soo fast. He weighs 17lbs!! He is starting to have a very cute personality. He flirts and does this this thing with his eye brows and gets very mad if his feedings are just a little bit late! (my grandpa does the same thing) I BF untile was 3 months old, he has reflux and the breast milk was just too thin and he would vomit it right back up. I tried to pump, but at that point he seemed to start to fuss every time I tried to pump...and I gave up within a few days. He has only been sick once and we ended up at the hospital because our ped thought he may have RSV. He just had an upper resp infection and after 3 breathing treatments we went home.

He sleeps through the night and is sitting up for just a few minutes by himself...then he rolls to the side. He also almost rolls from his back to belly, he just keeps getting stuck on his arm. I've been feeding him cereal with fruit and veggies mixed in and he loves it.

Down points....he is very demanding and a true Scorpio! He gets pissed and sometimes we just have to let him cry because he is mad about something and we have no idea what it is. He does not like being in his car seat, unlehess the car is moving or the stoller is moving...forget just sitting in there for a few minutes until we are all ready to walk out of the house.

I am so in love with him it when he reaches for me. Or cries maaaaaa. He has the most beautiful smile, and just loves meeting new people. I love my chunky monkey!!

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Re: Juan Michael is almost 6 months old!

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