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  • Technically the answer would be "no".... but we're starting tomorrow so I figured that warrants a "SS"
  • Kinda.  We started adding rice cereal to her bottles instead of increasing meds.  We can't start anything else until we see the allergist in a few weeks.
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    Kinda.  We started adding rice cereal to her bottles instead of increasing meds.

    This. We just started putting rice cereal in his bottles to help with reflux after consulting with the GI this week. We won't start any other solids until after 6 months. 

    It has helped a ton!! 

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  • We just tried them out last night!  Her reaction was too cute!
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  • Feel like maybe I started LO to soon!  He has been eating solids for over a month and loves it.  I mix the veggies or fruit with his ceral with no formula...just the puree and cereal (he like oatmeal the it has a little fiber in it.)  I put ceral in his bottle also because of reflux.  I have been doing that since 2 months. 

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