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Those that had pretty bad morning sickness in 1st tri.....

did it get better once you hit second trimester and about when did it start to ease?  I have been throwing up once a day at night since about 8wk.  I am almost out of the 1st trimester and everyone keeps telling me it will get better, but so far, not really.  Today was the first time I threw up in the middle of the day.  I never got sick with my DS so this is new for me.  I am not taking anything for it because I am already taking a couple of other meds and just didn't want to take anything else....so I have just been dealing with it.
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Re: Those that had pretty bad morning sickness in 1st tri.....

  • I didnt get sick a lot in the first tri, but I was constantly nauseated and always felt so sick! as soon as I hit 13-14 weeks I felt so so sooo much better I was more energized, I didnt feel sick but the down fall is trying to get comfy to sleep lol

  • With DD it never went away, sorry.  This time though it went away around 14 weeks.
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  • I have had horrid Morning sickness since about 5/6 weeks.  I was dizzy and nauseaus- only in the afternooon though.  I finally started to get better around 22/23 weeks.

    I am on Diclectin - only available in Canada, Zofran did nothing for me. 

  • Thankfully yes! It got significantly better around week 17-18 for me. I was nauseous all day and was throwing up almost every day (morning and night). I totally know how you feel, and wish you the best! Hang in there and hopefully it will get better for you soon!

    With my first I never got sick either, and had no idea how lucky I was.


  • I had overwhelming morning sickness starting a couple of days into week 6. i was nauseous and i threw up at least once a day, not to mention the hyper-salivation and metallic taste i had in my mouth all the time. i asked my DR about it and she said between weeks 13 and 15 most people start to feel better because the placenta starts to take over the pregnancy. i didn't feel better until about week 16 but once you do, you feel BETTER. i tried everything, OJ, small and frequent meals, ginger tea, but frankly the only time i felt good was when i was sleeping! lol, hang in there. :)
  • I was on Zofran all through 1st trimester because I felt sick 24/7. I was able to start reducing my dose around 12ish weeks, I think... and I completely stopped around 16 weeks. I think the 16 week mark was when I noticed the most difference. However, I still have some occasional bouts of nausea in the evenings.
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  • I was severely nauseated through my 1st trimester. Around 14 weeks it got better. I still have a few days here and there where I don't feel good, but it may also be just not liking the food I ate.
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  • My nausea gradually got better around 15 weeks and was mostly gone around 17 weeks. Every once in a while I still feel a little "off", but nothing in comparison to those first few months.

     Hope you feel better soon!

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  • I'm sorry your not feeling well!  I know first hand how horrible it can be!  Mine finally started to ease at about 14 weeks.
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  • With DD it I got relief for two weeks and was back hugging the toilet the rest of my pregnancy & with this one so far it's slowly letting up but I still get it and it isn't as bad as it was. I never had it with Ds though.
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  • i had it pretty bad... throwing up mornings then it turned into mornings and nights then it went to just mornings again and by the end it was just nights... i believe it was it was around the 17th week where i started feeling better. everyone is different.. hope you feel better soon.
  • This one is still going strong at 14 weeks. The last two pregnancies got better between 16-20 weeks. The first one occasionally came back if I overate or ate acidic foods.
  • It lasted until about 18-19 weeks for me sadly, and last week I did get sick again.  But for the most part I have been feeling great for about a month now.

    I don't think I would have survived had it not been for Unisom and B6. 


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  • Mine started getting better around  15-16 weeks and went away completely around 18 weeks.  I still get sick sometimes, but now it is caused by acid reflux.

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  • I never puked, I just couldn't eat. It eased up around 11 weeks. BUT my SIL had all-day-all-pregnancy sickness with her 3 girls.

    Try some meds. I know it sucks to take so much medicine, but even if you take them for a few days to get some relief, you'll feel human.

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  • My sickness started at 6 weeks...all day almost everyday ...it lighted up around 14 weeks but my last time throwing up was at 18 weeks. I am 20 weeks now.
  • I was pretty sick, but I started taking the anti-nausea meds almost ASAP. I haven't needed them as often (I started to feel better about 2 weeks ago), but I'll take one if I feel it coming on. I hope it goes away soon for you!
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  • It took me until the 18th or 19th week to feel better.  I was nauseaous 24/7.

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  • I had it pretty bad, I threw up most days, 3 times a day. I thought I there was no hope, and then it happened, I got better! it started easing up at about 13 weeks and by 15 weeks I wasnt even nausious anymore! :) My past 10 weeks have been amazing!
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    I have had horrid Morning sickness since about 5/6 weeks.  I was dizzy and nauseaus- only in the afternooon though.  I finally started to get better around 22/23 weeks.

    I am on Diclectin - only available in Canada, Zofran did nothing for me. 

    The active ingredients in diclectin are the same ingredients in Unisom tablets, and B6.  I'm in the US, but I take unisom/b6 and it helps a lot.  I just have to take half a tablet of each a day, and it makes all the difference in the world.  If the meds you are on are safe, it shouldn't matter if you are on one or three of them, as long as the active ingredients are for different things. 

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  • For me it hasn't eased and the meds didn't work. Mine kicked in week 5 and I still have it. I've lost 22 lbs since getting pregnant. My doctor assures me that I'm the exception and not the rule though.

    I hope you get relief and feel better soon!

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  • I had constant sickness, all day long, brought on even by thoughts. I was completely miserable. Most days I couldn't even get off the couch because just moving was too much.Worse still, sometimes it would go away for a few days at a time and I'd think I was finally over it, then it would come back even worse than before. I used to get really tired of people telling me it would get better in the 2nd trimester because I felt like they didn't understand "it will go away" didn't make it better, but it did go away for me. It 'went away' and came back so many times I stopped noticing when I hadn't noticed it for a while. It was only when my grandma asked me if I was feeling better that I noticed it's been gone for a long time now (I think the last time I had it was around 16 weeks).

    I tried pretty much everything to make it go away, and nothing worked. I was prescribed Zofran and that actually made it worse. The only thing that even helped a little was drinking warm water with maple syrup in it. Maybe give that a try?

  • I had m/s all through the 1st Tri, although I only threw up a few times. Same thing with the 2nd Tri, but for me it went away around 17 weeks.

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  • I'm 14 weeks and still puking every morning and still really nauseated at night.  Hoping it lets up soon.

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