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ok sooo I am reeeeeally interested in these

what are they for and why are them important? How long do babies usually need them for?...I know for sleeping...but I am just a little confuse about it I am a first time mom and was wondering about them.


also are the mittens important to have?

Re: swaddle

  • I believe they are for two reasons... one is that your baby is used to being crammed inside of you for 9 months so a sense of security is important for them to feel safe and sleep well. It reminds them of being in the womb. Also, babies do not have control over their little arms until a little later so it helps control those reflexes so they don't hit themselves in the face and wake themselves up. I'm a huge fan and swaddle until my DS rolled over onto his belly while swaddled. Get the HALO brand velcro ones!
  • My girls LOVED their swaddle blankets. It was the only way we got them to sleep for a long period of time. Newborns have a startle reflex where they throw their arms causing them to wake. The waddle prevents this and also makes them feel cozy like the womb. I forget when we stopped using it, but I remember that we let their arms free first and swaddled around the chest. It acted like a great blanket.

    I never used the mittens with either of my girls. We have so many that are brand new.

  • DS was swaddled most of the time for the first 2 months. He loved it and was a great sleeper. We used fabric from the local fabric store instead of the swaddle blankets with Velcro. Once you swaddle a few times it is fairly easy to do. We did by a few of the blankets with Velcro around 3 months because he was breaking out, however we quickly went to Halo Sleepsacks.

    Our birth and breastfeeding classes helped with technique but the nurses at the hospital helped when DS arrived.  Happiest Baby on the Block also talks about the benefits of swaddling. As a first time mom, I was like a sponge trying to absorb every tip and trick. One long crying night, I used the tips from this book and it worked.

    Mittens were important for us. Those little nails were so hard to cut. My DH actually cut a piece of DS thumb. We waited for the nails to get a little long to avoid catching his skin.

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  • I didn't swaddle DD #1 but plan on trying it this time.  I have heard great things.  Anything to get more sleep lol  I liked the onesis with the attached cuff that way u didn't have to worry about loosing the little mittens all of the time.  Just a thought.


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  • I love the swaddle blankets with velcro! DS would always wriggle his way out of any blanket I swaddled him in except the velcro ones. He slept much better all bound and tucked in.

    I used the mittens too. The nails grow so fast, and DS would scratch himself in his sleep, sometimes even right after I cut his nails! The mittens really helped with that problem. I know other people who didn't use them at all though.

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  • I loved the Halo swaddle sacks.  All the other ones DD could escape from.  We swaddled her for an embarrassingly long time.  It was the only way she would sleep.  Skip the mittens.  They never stay on and socks on the hands work better.
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