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long skinny babies!

Can anyone tell me if you have found little girl clothes that run long? My dd is very long but seriously has the skinniest little belly! She eats like a hoss, and has adorable little chubby legs and cheeks but she has this little washboard stomach (I wish I could get my stomach to look like hers!!). She is too long for most 9-12 month pants for length but the waist on the 9-12 is enormous and the 12-18 literally slide right down. I have been buying 12-18 month leggings since they are a bit more snug but she kinda looks a little goofy with a HUGE gap in the waistband of her pants! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  • I find that BabyGap tend to run long and skinny particularly in their PJs, and The Children's Place too.  I actually like the Jumping Beans brand from Kohl's too.  My DD isn't super long but she is pretty skinny.  She's wearing Jumping Beans 12 month pants today and they fit in the waste and I had to roll the cuffs a bit!

    You could also try finding pants that have internal elastic with buttons so you can tighten the pants from the inside.  I think that Gymboree has pants like that but I don't know what size they start in.

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  • Carters is the best I've found. Both of my girls are long and skinny (DD2 was 12% for weight and 56% for height at 6 months!) and I put them in a ton of Carters stuff.
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    Unfortunately I haven't found a lot. My plan is to buy pants to fit her waist and call them 'capris'. Good thing it's warmer out now:)
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  • image memali26:
    Carters is the best I've found. Both of my girls are long and skinny (DD2 was 12% for weight and 56% for height at 6 months!) and I put them in a ton of Carters stuff.

    Carters, for sure! DD is 40% for weight and 80% for height, so long and skinny, too.

    We also use these onesie extenders and they're awesome! I find GAP clothes are short (but adorable!), so I use these on most of her babyGAP stuff.



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  • Carter's all the way for us. I've also had good luck with Jumping Beans. BabyGap is hit or miss depending on the item. Their pants are perfect, but the onsies are too wide all the time. I can also tell you we don't like Circo, Children's Place, or Gymboree, because they all tend to run very wide. 
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  • Carters is the only thing that I have found that is long and skinny.  If you can find the onsie extenders then use those, so far I am not having any luck in that department.  As some of the other PP said the other brands tend to be way too wide.  I have a 6-9 month Nike onsie that is so wide it falls off her shoulders but I can barely get it snapped.
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  • My DD is long and skinny, but we use cloth diapers so the extra diaper bulk holds her pants up lol
    You can get these though, there's also ones with clips so the pants don't have to have belt loops. 
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  • Lots of dresses! :) My daughter doesn't have that problem as much though--she is still skinny--but length wise average--so on nice days she is in a lot of simple, summer dresses--because this way I never had to fuss with pants not fitting well, or falling off, etc.
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  • Same problem with my son. He's in the 95th percentile for height and his feet do not fit in the pjs with feet.  DH and I are both very tall so.... And DH has size 15 feet!  Have tried places like Marshall's and tj max for discount lines such as Ralph Lauren, timberland that are cut longer and not for fat short babies.  Try Zara for kids too.  

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