3rd Trimester

Getting induced tomorrow!!!!

DH and I went to our appt last evening, expecting just a routine visit to check up on my blood pressure, which had been elevating for the past few visits. It was the highest it's ever been (somewhat because I was nervous) and though there were almost zero traces of protein in my urine culture, the doctor decided that all things considered: my blood pressure, the fact that the protein could increase by my next visit, and the fact that I was already 2 and a half cm. dilated and 50% effaced, he decided that conditions were good to be induced tomorrow rather than risk developing toxemia/pre-e later. Otherwise, baby and I are both healthy and he's full term so we have a green light to go ahead and deliver safely! Though I'm nervous I have never been more excited to meet somebody in my life!!!!!!

We go in at 5:00 tomorrow morning! 

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Re: Getting induced tomorrow!!!!

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