All night feedings!

My one week old is having major nighttime issues. She won't sleep at all... all she wants to do is nurse! I have been feeding her on and off tonight for almost 3 hours! Right now she is snoozing in my lap,  but I know it is only a matter of time before she will stir and start screaming, sucking on her hands, nuzzling my breast and so on. I know she is showing signs of being hungry, but I don't want to over-feed her and make her sick! But I also don't want to deny her if she is truly hungry! Help! 
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Re: All night feedings!

  • Baby girl is adjusting to her enviroment. If she wants to nurse it could be confort nursing but she will stop when she is done. Hang in there.
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  • You cannot overfeed her. Babies pretty much go through a constant growth spirt that first month which means constant eating. keep feeding her when she shows signs of hunger which may seem like all the time all day, but that's very normal and it will pass.

    Babies especially one week olds don't sleep a long length of time.

    Maddie 08/04/08
    Christopher 10/12/11
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  • She will pull off if/when she is full.  If you are comfortable with it, you could sleep with her in your bed.  This is what I did with both DD and DS - put their head on my elbow, laid on my side, and let them nurse.  I drifted in and out of sleep.  Usually, curled up next to me, they would fall asleep pretty fast and then I would scoot over in the bed away from them and let them sleep.
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