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Post C-Section Pain/Cramps?

I'm now 4 1/2 weeks post C-section and have been having this funky crampy pains on the right side that I can feel in my back as well. It's been happening a lot more lately which I feel like may be due to increased activity.. which is a bummer cause I'm so antsy!

But has anyone else experienced crampy abdominal pain a month after the big C?


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Re: Post C-Section Pain/Cramps?

  • Yes I'm actually almost 6 weeks now and im going through it as well. I actually think I got my period around 4 1/2 weeks but it stopped and now i'm bleeding a bit again. I will go and see my Dr. on friday.
  • If it is what I think it is, and I make no promises, this is purely an educated guess: Its totally normal post birth cramping. Nothing even to do with your C-Section. Remember your uterus grew to three times its size while pregnant, and now its shrinking back down to its pre-pregnancy size. Cramping is to be expected. I experienced this too, and remember wondering if this was some symptom of my C-section, but I called my doctor, and was told this was completely normal. If the pain gets worse, you should obviously call, but thats what it sounds like to me.
  • The only thing I really had around that time was severe gas..I mean crippling it hurt so bad gas. I had never had painful gas like that before so it sucked.
  • I am starting to have a pulling feeling by my incision.  Since I FF and I am still experiencing pp bleeding I know AF could also start at any minute.  I attribute any discomfort to a) I am over doing it (like lifting my 36 lbs toddler) or b) my body is getting back to normal.
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