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Gender from a sonogram - was yours accurate?

Hi moms! I had my 2nd sonogram yesterday (I'm 11 weeks, 2 days). The sonographer asked me if I was interested in knowing the sex. I was SHOCKED because I've always heard the earliest you can tell is around 16 weeks. I hesitated a little because my husband couldn't be at this appointment, and I knew he would be disappointed but... there it was! A baby penis on the screen that couldn't be ignored.

I've heard of people getting told they were having a girl then surprise! It's actually a boy (because the penis was hidden on the sono), but never the other way around.

Have any of you had an early prediction sonogram with a gender prediction? Did it turn out to be accurate? Anyone bring a boy home to a pink room or vice versa? I'm a FTM so I'm trying to figure out if I can count on these or not :) THANKS!!

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Re: Gender from a sonogram - was yours accurate?

  • I got mine done at 16 weeks and it was right. My boss food out at 12 weeks she wa shaving a boy and it was right however my sister in law was told a boy her whole pregnancy and had a girl so there is the possibility because girls could be swollen and mistaken for a boy. So it can go both ways in my families experience but I'd say once they confirm it at 16 or 20 weeks you'll know. 
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  • Mine was right at 19 weeks.  I never had an earlier one with a gender prediction.

    HOWEVER - be warned that both BOY and GIRL parts look darn near identical at 11 weeks.  They both look like protrusions (aka "nubs") prior to 12 weeks.  There is a THEORY that sex can be determined by the "angle of the dangle" (the angle of the nub from the body), but it is not exceptionally accurate.

    See this website for more information:

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  • They absolutely would not tell me before 20 weeks.  Mine was correct.
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  • Mine was correct at 20 weeks.  I would definitely ask for another US later on to confirm the sex.  That would make me nervous tha early in the pregnancy!!
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  • Doctor told me I was having a boy at about 15 weeks, but at 19 weeks it was clearer and a GIRL...turns out the "penis" we saw was actually a glimpse of the cord in just the right spot.  I'll quote my doctor by saying this, "Don't monogram anything until we get two ultrasounds that show the same thing or both the doctor and ultrasound tech say the same thing."
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  • We found out we were having a boy at 12 weeks, but she said she was 90% sure and don't go out and buy a bunch of stuff. She confirmed it was a boy at 21 weeks and that's what we had.
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  • With DD#1 we had an u/s at 16 weeks. The tech said probably girl, but advised not buying anything until the 20- week u/s just to be sure. I don't think I'd trust that one at 11 weeks would be accurate.
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  • Mine was correct. It was a boy!! :)

    I wouldn't really go on what the sonographer says till your next appt at 19 weeks or so. Sex organs look similar so early in development 

  • I had one done around the same time as you and sure enough you could see his parts already! And yes it was accurate!! But I also waited till I got a second one at 20 weeks to be sure before painting his room or buying any clothes!
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  • I got a "guess" at 10 weeks a boy and sure enough he's a boy
  • I made the tech guess at 12 weeks and she guessed girl. She said she was about 80% sure & she was right! 
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  • Ours was accurate at 18 weeks, though the sonogram tech who did each of our ultrasounds was pretty sure it was a boy by like 12 weeks. She was right!
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  • I was told girl from 16 wks on with multiple ultrasounds and 3d ultrasound had a girl shower and her room was electric pink!! 30 wks told it was a boy! 
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    I was told girl from 16 wks on with multiple ultrasounds and 3d ultrasound had a girl shower and her room was electric pink!! 30 wks told it was a boy! 

    Oh my goodness I would have freaked out if I was that far along and had the baby room done! haha

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  • Mine was correct at 18 weeks
  • I saw MFM for both my pregnancies and they have the highest, most up to date equipment around for ultrasound and they still will not make a clinical determination for gender until after 17 weeks.  DD1 I found out at about 20 weeks with DD2 I was having ultrasounds every two weeks and for the last (4!) ultrasounds they could not say with clinical evidence what gender she was.  One tech thought boy the other thought girl... I found out for sure she was a girl at 26 weeks.  Smile
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  • We saw a "prominent protrusion" at 11 weeks so the tech guessed boy, but also warned that they can look similar that early, so not to buy a ton of blue stuff. It was confirmed boy at around 20 weeks and 31 weeks (anatomy scan and 3D elective). Love my little boy!
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  • My 21 week US was WRONG with my first DS who is 5.  I was told he was a girl and didn't find out until he was born that the tech was wrong.  It absolutely happens!!!!  My other two were correct but we had learned our lesson and had names picked and not gone crazy with the rooms. 

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  • I was told he looked "suspiciously boy-like" at 12 weeks and that was confirmed at 20 weeks.  I haven't delivered yet but my doctor said "We've never had one fall off" Lol!
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  • Mine was sixteen weeks and it was accurate.  At 12 weeks, the doctor said he wouldn't tell me, it was too early but he said to the nurse... probably xx.  I said so you think it's a girl?  Then he looked at me and didn't say anything.  It was a girl though so he was right.  
  • The tech guess boy for me at my 12w u/s and she was right!

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  • My friend got a 3D/4D at 16 weeks and they said 100% boy.  Then at 20 and 24 weeks ultrasound it showed it was really a girl.  Little Rose is now 2 months old...
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