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Bloating Rant

Last week at around 6 weeks I started noticing that all my pants were getting very tight on me. This week it's gotten to the point where I am thinking about buying a couple pairs of work pants in the next size up and I ordered a pair of jeans from gap with the demi panel for the weekends. I don't think I've been eating out of control or anything but I am trying to get more dairy and whole grains (no longer feeling guilty about eating lots of carbs:). I haven't really gained much weight (maybe a pound in the last month and a half) but am wondering if bloating can make this much of a difference in the way my pants fit! Also, what's healthy for weight gain in the first few months???
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Re: Bloating Rant

  • Oh the joy of first trimester bloat.  I'm right there with you.  Nearly all of my pants are tight - as in, leaving red marks tight - but just on my stomach.  This just happened in the past week and a half and the scale hasn't budged so it's 100% bloat.  Ugh.  Try the rubber band or hair elastic trick - loop it through the buttonhole and attach it to the button.  I haven't gotten to that point yet but it's close.  I've read that healthy weight gain during the first trimester is 3-5 pounds.
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  • I never found anything that helped with the bloat when I was pregnant the first time. Drink lots of water, add a little lemon to it. Make sure you poop regularly. 

    I can't remember for sure, but I think weight gain in the first trimester is supposed to be like 5lbs or something.  

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  • I more feel like I lost all my shape overnight. I woke up without a waist one day. I thought for sure I had gained, but when I got on the scale today I'm down a pound so there you have it.
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  • I was just complaining about this to my friend. I'm only 4 WEEKS!!! I look fat, but i know it's just bloating
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  • My pants are screaming right now too! I have been exercising regularly and nothing helps. It is definetly better in the morning, but by bed time, I am so much happier in elastic! haha. Other than the bloating and some insomnia, I have had no real pregnancy symptoms. I'm looking forward the "pregnant belly" versus the "bloated belly". :)

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  • Oh my!  It's ridiculous!  I look right now at nearly 6 weeks how I looked at 3 months with my first.  I am so bloated in the evenings, especially!
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  • Bloat is killing me too and I am only at 4 weeks! Please dont tell me it will be worse! I am already a giant tub and my pants dont fit. I know it is bloat because I have not even gained a pound yet!
  • I was just complaining about this to my co-workers!  It's ridiculous!  My pants are so tight :-(
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