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overdue and not sure what to do....help

With my first she was close to 2 weeks over due. This time around has been tougher. It's 6 years later and I ache more. I have been feeling more contractions, but nothing consistant or super hard. I am almost a week overdue and just super disappointed I haven't made any progression (1cm currently). After my appointment today I was just irritated and ready to snap at the next person to ask "no baby yet?". I just need some encourgement.

I don't want to be induced, that was the case with my first and it was long and tough labor. I am just ready for this to be over. I am physically and emotionally done. Should I go ahead and be induced, I'll take the aches and pains..or just wait it out a little longer. uhhhh

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Re: overdue and not sure what to do....help

  • Find a Thai restaurant and get Somtum/Som Tam/papaya salad. It can be spelled different depending on where you go. It's my favorite and I was told to avoid it in early pregnancy because it can cause uterine contractions. I think you need to eat quite a lot of it for that to actually happen, but it seems like a much tastier way than castor oil.
  • If you really don't want to be induced stick to your guns and try to put up with the aches a little longer- you are so close! Try a day at the spa with a pedicure and prenatal massage to help relieve some of your level of irritation and discomfort- you've earned it! 

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  • Will your doctor consider stripping your membranes?  It could help trigger labor if you are close.

    And remember that dilation really doesn't mean anything one way or another. 

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  • Don't worry about how dialated you are today, it tells you nothing about when you will go into labor.   I wasn't dialated when my water broke and delivered my son 20 hours later. 

      Also induction can really suck.   My Doula is in one right now where the mom was 40 weeks and induced.   Her water was broken by the doctor and she's been on pitocin all day and her doctor is talking about a c-section.  If you are only 1 cm dialated your Bishop score is probably not high enough to suggest you would be a good canidate for an induction.    

    The end of pregnancy sucks but I would avoid an induction if at all possible.   If your doctor is willing to let you go longer take the time to let baby bake.   Relax and pamper yourself these last few days.

  • You have made it this far.  If you can stand it, try to hold out for a few more days, especially since your first inductions didn't go so well.  Some women just need more time for gestation.  I completely sympathize though.  I was a week overdue with all 3 of mine.  Those last 2 weeks are so incredibly depressing.  I also sympathize with the aches and pains.  with each of mine I've gotten progressively more uncomfortable.  My best advice is to just do anything you can to relax.  Go get a nice pedi, rent a couple movies, binge on your favorite dessert, etc.  Just try to distract yourself the best you can.  And stay away from people.  The comments are SOOOO annoying and irritating when you are overdue. 
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