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Belly measurements

Since about 31 weeks I have been measuring, when the dr measures my belly, a week ahead. For example, last week I was turning 37 weeks but measuring about 38 weeks. Does this mean anything? Anyone measure big and deliver early? Just curious.... 

Re: Belly measurements

  • Nope, doesn't mean anything.  Especially when you've been consistently measuring ahead.  At best, measuring is kind of an art.  In fact, at one point, you might start measuring smaller because baby might drop and then the top of your uterus MIGHT not be as high.  I think it's all voodoo magic and not to put much stock in it.
  • What you are measuring doesn't have anything to do with your due date, it's more of a way they check for baby's growth. The matching week thing is an average. They are just concerned that the baby (and your belly) are growing at a steady pace. Last week at my 32 wk checkup, I measured 40. I've been measuring big the entire pregnancy and they are expecting this one to be another large one (DD was 9.5 lbs and I was induced 2 weeks early with her).
  • I'm confused about how the measurements go. So when they say, "you measured 32," that means 32 weeks?

    My doc was concerned cause I'm at 27 weeks and I measured at "32" so, she ordered an ultrasound to see what was up. Making me anxious!
    Sorry, I'm new to this and feel so lost!

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