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people are telling my that cuz i am at 3cm and at 90% that i should go to L&D...what do u guys think..... i have pains off and on and my belly gets tight... but i am not in alot of pain..and people r telling me that when my labor hits that its really going to hit...so idk

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  • The only way you would know those facts are because a doctor told you them. If the doctor didn't tell you to go to L&D, then you don't need to go to L&D unless new symptoms have arisen. When did your doctor tell you to go to L&D? That's the person I would listen to the most.
    Micah Leonard
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  • While I agree with the above poster, it also depends on the situation. If it were me I may go to L&D but that is because I am GBS+ and do not want to risk not having the antibiotics to keep my baby safe, if they send me home oh well. But if I didn't have this issue then I would not go. I am 2cm and fully efaced but no pains and didn't lose any water so here I am.
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  • Before my labor with DD I was 3 cm, 100% effaced and my labor was still 16 hours from first contraction to delivery.
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  • You can be 3 cm for weeks.  I believe most hospitals will send you home until you're 5 cm.  I would go by contractions.  Are they timeable?  If they are 5 min apart, lasting for 1 minute and you've had them like this for 1 hour that's when you should go.
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  • I was 3 and 80 for a week an a half before I went into labor. Go when your dr said to as far as timing contractions goes. 
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  • that doesn't mean much you can walk around like that for weeks

    once you have timable contractions 3-5 minutes apart then go in

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