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Essential baby furniture?

Hi there!

My husband and I are planning the nursery and are debating over the best way to go about purchasing furniture. My first thought was to buy a matching crib and dresser/changing table, but one with a convertible crib that can grow with our baby. Then I got to thinking that in the future, it would be really hard to find a matching nightstand, depending on the style we go with.

Therefore, now I am thinking that it might be best to buy a relatively inexpensive crib and matching changing table, and buying a new furniture set when she's older. That leads to my next question - which pieces of furniture are essential for a baby? A crib, obviously, and a changing table (with shelves or drawers) but is there anything else we'd need?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Essential baby furniture?

  • Im doing the convertable crib in a colour that will grow with the child, I find dark wood a bit more classy.  Im forgoing the whole changetable thing this time, I going to just get a lower dresser and put the changepad on top of that.  As for an end table you can easily find something that will match down the road, something in the same shade or even something different that you can use as an end table will totally work. The only onther peice of furniture that to me is essential is a glider.  So crib, dresser and chair...done :) 
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  • I bought the convertible crib, but have never converted it. We are on our third pregnancy and the crib as always stayed the crib. We bought a bedroom set for my older two daughters. If I could go back I would have gotten a regular crib.
  • With my daughter we bought a crib and dresser, used the top of the dresser as a changing table. My DH built her a full size bed, dresser and night stand for her 3rd birthday. We have to buy a crib and dresser for this baby (we sold the other ones) and when he turns 3 my DH will build another full size bed, dresser and night stand.
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  • I think at least a small dresser is a must, for clothing storage. A bookshelf is also nice. In addition to storing books, you can use it to hold toys, bins of small items, or to display decorative items. And a chair, rocker or otherwise, for nursing or just hanging out in the nursery.
  • I would suggest skipping the convertible crib.  I think when it's time to get a bedroom set, you'll want your lo to have a nice matching set.  Also, as far as changing tables go--I would suggest either getting a dresser that will double as a changing table or an extending changing table where the baby actually faces you vertically.  Those little "change from the side" ones get more and more difficult as baby becomes mobile.

    In addition to a crib and changing table/dresser I would also recommend a glider with a footstool and some sort of bookshelf or "cubicle" unit for books, toys, extra storage. 

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  • image Alli318:

    Therefore, now I am thinking that it might be best to buy a relatively inexpensive crib and matching changing table, and buying a new furniture set when she's older. 

    I think that's the smartest decision, especially if you plan to have more kids. We did this with our first and are SO glad we did. Expecting our second baby now, and setting up the nursery will be a breeze - move the original crib and dresser to the nursery and that's it, no big expenses. Plus, you can still sell the crib when you're done with it.

    Everyone I know who bought expensive convertible furniture to grow with their kids has regretted it for various reasons (bed too high for toddler, big gashes in wood/finish from rough play and teething, dresser and nightstand ruined from how kids treat furniture, can't find matching additional pieces like armoire or nightstands, could've spent less on a regular bedroom set, etc). I like the look of a solid headboard better than the look of the ones with open slats, anyway.

    With our first, we spent $150 on a white Graco Lauren crib, $30 for a rocking chair, $70 on a white dresser from a consignment store which we topped with a changing pad, and $30 for a cute little nightstand to hold the baby monitor, books, nursing supplies and lamp for bedtime stories and nursing. We were really happy with how it turned out. I'll be excited to choose nice furniture for my kids when we feel like they are ready and old enough to take good care of it. 

  • Thanks everyone, for your input! This was HUGELY helpful!
  • We bought a dark wood convertible crib and haven't converted it yet.  I think some confusion with the convertible cribs is you have to spend even more money down the line on the conversion kits.  I honestly didn't research before we bought.  DD is still in her crib (with a crib tent) but we'll be getting her out soon so we can use for the next.  I doubt we'll convert that one except to make the full-size headboard (which you also have to buy separate pieces for).  And we bought the matching dresser that went with the bed and just put a changing pad on top.  I don't regret buying the dresser.  That will be used for years to come.  I kinda think an official changing table is a waste of money.
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  • image Alli318:

    Then I got to thinking that in the future, it would be really hard to find a matching nightstand, depending on the style we go with.

    FYI, the set that DH and I picked out was a convertible crib and dresser set.  There was a nightstand in the line if parents wanted to get it as well, so it would match later.  We opted not to, as we have a spare nightstand we're just going to paint/stain to match, but wanted to let you know it is an option!

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  • You need a convertible crib (yes, I'd recommend this), a dresser/changing table, a glider, and a small table or nightstand for next to your glider.
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  • Really, the only essential thing is a crib.  That is if you are okay with changing your baby on the floor (some women find it easier) and you have some sort of storage solution (closet, bins etc) for the baby's clothes and things.

    I bought a convertable crib with a matching change table/dresser combo in espresso.  This way I can use both items when the baby is a a toddler.  I figure the longer I can use the items, the better the value.  I bought a rocking chair from a different company but it matches close enough - it's espresso with beige cushions. For now, I didn't see the need for a night table, but I have a small table that I'll put next to the chair where I can put a lamp and whatever items I might want handy when I'm sitting with baby.

    I really wouldn't worry about buying anything matching - unless you find a good deal. Pick neutral items colour you like (cherry, white, espresso, natural wood) and then you'll be able to find stuff later on that is a close enough match - even if it's not perfect.

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