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Packing hospital bag for baby?

I'm wondering how to pack clothes for the baby when you don't know what size they will be?  Should I just bring an outfit of each size and see what she fits in?  Also, what else should I bring for baby?
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Re: Packing hospital bag for baby?

  • Honestly, unless you have a baby over 9 lbs. you'll be fine with nb clothes. Dd was 8lb 6oz and was in newborn for a few weeks. I packed way too much last time. You really just need a coming home outfit for the baby and the car seat. The hospital has everything else. I also plan to take wipes again, because i dont like the hospital ones. If you're breastfeeding I'd also reccomend takin some lansinoh for yourself between feedings. 
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  • I had an 8lb, 6oz and 8lb 15oz and they were fine in newborn clothes.  My second, however, was 9lbs 4 oz and really needed the 0-3 m clothes.  I always just pack an outfit in each size just in case.  Most newborns won't fill out their clothes regardless.  It is more the length that makes the difference.  Mine tend to be on the long side.  Nothing else is necessary unless you want something specific like a certain blanket to use as a background in any newborn hospital pics you do.  They will provide everything else for baby.
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  • A newborn outfit will probably work just fine. I would also recommend bringing your boppy if you are planning on breastfeeding.
  • Honestly with DD, I only packed a NB outfit and a 0-3 outfit for going home. She was 8 lb. 2 oz. and fit in the NB one. I didn't dress her up in the hospital. She was always just swaddled in the hospital blanket. I think I will pack a few outfits for the baby this time. I also brought my Boppy (which I guess is for both mom and baby), but I didn't need anything else for her while we were there.

    We didn't cloth diaper DD from the beginning (started at about 9 months) but we will be with this one. However, I think I will just use the disposables the hospital provides and start with cloth as soon as we go home. I don't feel like bringing home a bag of diaper laundry. Hopefully we won't be in the hospital for more than a day anyway, and I'd rather just start fresh once we get home. So really I guess I won't bring anything more than a few onesies and my Boppy again.

  • Even though our hospital provides going home outfits, DH and I have still packed a small range of sizes for when DS is born. (one preemie, 2 newborn, and 1  0-3 month size). We've also included baby booties, mittens to keep him from scratching his little face with his long nails, a couple hats to keep his head warm (as infants lose body heat through their head), a receiving blanket and a heavier blanket as well. Some good advice I got? Be sure any outfit you choose to bring him home in has leg openings to allow for the carseat straps. Hope this helps! ;)

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  • My son was 8lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long and he fit into newborn clothes close to 2 months. 

    I didn't bring much for him. I had heard that the hospital had all you needed.  I think for Olivia we'll be bringing a few outfits (just a sleeper or two and maybe some onesies) to wear in the hospital, Jordan always seemed cold.  I'm going to bring a couple hats of our own and socks.

    I also didn't breastfeed with Jordan but will try with her so I'm planning on bringing my my breast friend pillow 


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  • I'm planning on bringing one outfit to do some  newborn pictures (a pink and a blue since we're team green) and one going home outfit.  They are all nb size.  Other than that and my boppy, I've also been told to bring a baby nail file to help with nails without having to fight clippers.

  • If you are a nervous FTM, you should not even try to fit the LO into NB clothes. You will be nervous about fitting the shirt or onesie over their head, and you will have a much easier time if you just go with the 0-3. You can use the NB size once you are at home, settled in, and less nervous about the prying eyes at the hospital making sure you do everything just right.
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  • If you plan on using a pacifier (and want to you a specific one) I would bring that otherwise you may have to go buy the ones the hospital gives her as that is what she will prefer later (happen to my cousin's third).

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  • We learned so much the first time.  We WAAAAY overpacked.

    All you need is an outfit, the carseat, and wipes.  Lanisoh if you plan to breastfeed.  I did fine for the  two days in the hospital without a boppy, and so will you.  The wipes our hospital provided sucked and we were glad to have brought our own.  The first poop is pretty tough to clean (or so DH tells me). 

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  • Depending on how long your hospital keeps you, you may want to bring some shower items.  My hospital provided them for us, shampoo/conditioner/soap.  But It was hotel style and I am sensitive to other soaps and such.  Deoderant, toothbrush!  You will be in such a hurry you will forget stuff for yourself! 
  • I have a Carter's outfit that includes a sleeper, onesie, and hat that I'm taking in size NB to take her home in. I'm also taking no scratch mittens and another onsie w/ pants in 0-3m, just in case. I may take a cute little swaddle, but that's it. I have a Boppy and a My Brest Friend pillow--not sure which I'll take yet.

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  • Ask your hospital what to bring. Ours gave us a list. For baby it says car seat, undershirt & stretch suit or gown, 2 receiving blankets, socks or booties, hat, several diaper changes, and in cold weather a heavy blanket. That's just the list for baby. There's ones for mom & dad too.
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  • We took a NB & a 0-3mo outfit with us, doing the same this time.  The only other thing I packed was a light blanket.  Honestly, didn't even need that because they had blankets there.

    Double check with your hospital, but they probably provide you with pretty much everything you need.  We went home with blankets, diapers, formula, burp cloths (cloth diapers technically), a paci, hats, a couple shirts & anything else that was in the drawers of his bassinet.

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