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Surprise bed rest.. (long)

Sorry this is so long and detailed. I'm just bored already :P 

Well I went to Immediate Care yesterday for these pains I have been having by my appendix. I know it is most likely regular pains but I just wanted to ease my mind. Also, the IC building is the same building where my ob/gyn is (directly across the hallway.) Well they didn't even check me out and told me since I was 29 weeks I should go (down the road) to the hospital. I asked why they couldn't just check me out and they said because they don't have the right "equipment" set up at that time of day (3 p.m.) and the doctors strongly urged that I should go to the hospital.

So I drove to the hospital kind of shaking my head because all I wanted was someone to tell me LO and I were okay, pretty much. I walked into the hospital and there were no other patients so I got taken back right away. The nurse told me, "We have to send you to L&D first to make sure baby is okay. Just procedure since you're over 20 weeks. What will probably happen is you'll go up there and come back down right away and then we can check you out."

After I filled out all my paperwork, a nurse walked up with a wheelchair. I just laughed and sat in the chair and went for a little ride to L&D. By this time I was just getting embarrassed, but I was already there so whatever. Once I got into the L&D ward, a nurse asked where I was having pain. She said, "Oh, that's RLP. Just put her in that room." (More embarrassed.)

Then a nicer nurse came in and told me she was happy I came in because it's better to be safe than sorry. She hooked me up with the belt the reads baby's heart-rate and contractions. I watched a movie for almost an hour and she finally came back in. She told me I was having mild contractions! I was like, "When???!" So I ended up staying in L&D for almost 3 hours. They monitored the contractions, swabbed to check for preterm labor (negative), and checked my cervix (closed). I got a shot to help stop contractions and a prescription for a pill I have to take every 6 hours for a week that works the same as the shot.

And now I'm on bed rest until my appointment next week (since I'm a waitress working 7 days a week and I'm on my feet my entire shift.) They want me to keep tabs on my contractions if/when I have them again. But I still don't know what they feel like since I wasn't feeling them at the hospital. Meh. Now I'm stuck at home for a week.

Overall, I'm glad I went! I wish it was just nothing but I never would have known I was having contractions. Oh, and the pain in my side is irrelevant to the contractions. We got so distracted by the contractions that we never resolved the pain issue, either :| 


BEAN *06/29/2012*

Re: Surprise bed rest.. (long)

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