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Sleeping on right or left side?

I have read that sleeping on your right side increases the chance of SIDS.  But then I found another article that said it's the left side.  Which one is it?


Re: Sleeping on right or left side?

  • I've never heard of this. I don't see how sleeping on your right side while pregnant correlates to SIDS later, but I could just be ignorant to this.

    I have heard, however, that sleeping on your left side is better. I can't stay on my left side the whole night, no I switch form left to right as I start to numb up. 

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  • My doctor told me to rip this page out of my pregnancy books. She didn't tell me this during my first because it never came up. I do go to sleep on my left side most nights, but I'm pretty sure I spend most of my nights on my back. At 35 weeks I am sleeping so much better during this pregnancy than I was in my first when I was stressed out about the position I'm sleeping in. 

     The study that created this practice found that circulation was better on the left, but the difference from one to the next was not hugely significant. You'll feel discomfort (if any) long before there's a negative effect on the baby. 


  • I think this is obsurd, no offense to you or anyone else. But I sleep mainly on my right side, untillunless my hip starts hurting then i switch to the other side. I use to be a strictly left side sleeper or belly sleeper (which is impossible now) before my pregnancy. I think alot of it can have to do with what side of your uterus your baby likes to be on!
  • I sleep on both sides and my back. You would feel negative effects from sleep positioning long before the baby. Sleep position in pregnancy has nothing to do with SIDS.
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  • I switch back and forth all night long.  Doc has said right side is better than back or tummy, left side is better than right. 
  • I switch off all night because one side starts to hurt, I will have a sore hip. Turn over then wake up and that side is sore or numb, and move again. I read it's about blood flow or something. I sleep however I get comfortable, since that's not do easy at the moment
  • What is sleeping? Haha
  • image vixen3031:
    What is sleeping? Haha
    Haha! This is the response of the day!

    Laying on your left side is better for circulation as PP stated. It can also help cease BH and light-headedness. My DD has preferred the right side of my ute this entire pregnancy and it's more comfortable for me to sleep on my right side. But, like PP's, I flip and flop back and forth all night--between potty breaks that is.

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  • I never heard of sleep position relating to SIDS.

    I've been finding my right side way more comfortable.  I switch to my left for at least part of the night.

    For the first half of my pregnancy...I just slept however I wanted, usually on my back.

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  • Never heard anything about pregnant sleeping positions and SIDS. I've heard/read that circulation is better on the left side but I also recently read that the right side can be better if you're having heartburn because the stomach empties to the right. Personally, I switch back and forth all night long because I don't stay comfortable on one side all night. I also keep extra pillows for propping me up a bit.
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  • Many doctors recommend pregnant women to lie on their left side. This promotes optimal blood flow for you and your baby. It is not written in stones, should you feel more comfortable on your right side there?s really no reason to avoid that. Avoid lying on your back. This is not recommended, as this will compress your inferior vena cava (The major vein bringing back blood from your lower body parts to the heart). If you compress this vein, you?ll disrupt the blood flow, this could end up make you dizzy or lightheaded, and in the long run it can cause many other symptoms such as hemorrhoids, varicose, etc.
    (from http://www.the-early-pregnancy.com/sleep-positions-pregnancy/ which is not a medical site, but I had to google to find the name of the vein I wanted to mention)

    I have never heard of SIDS while your LO is still in the womb- it stands for sudden infant death syndrome, and is usually an unexplained death of an otherwise healthy infant.

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