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When did LO roll over?

DS is 3 1/2 months old and still hasn't rolled over. He did once by accident (of course when his daddy was watching him and I went downstairs to put laundry in the dryer - UGH!). Just curious when your LOs started rolling over from tummy to back. He rolls from back to side pretty regularly.
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Re: When did LO roll over?

  • DD would roll to her back the SECOND we put her on her tummy at 2 or 3 weeks old - it was crazy! Then it was like she forgot how, or maybe just started tolerating being on her tummy more or something, and I hadn't seen her do it in quite awhile until just this week.  Of course, kind of like you, I had her doing tummy time in her crib and when I turn my head to crank her mobile back up, I heard a plop! and there she was on her back! So I know she can do it, but doesn't do it frequently at all.  She is 3 months exactly.
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  • Our DD rolled from back to front at 4 1/2 mths and after many many many sleepless nights because she would roll to her tummy and get stuck or face plant in her mattress and I would freak out that she'd stop breathing, she has just finally mastered the full roll last week and she will be 6 months next week. Yay!!!  
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  • She just rolled tummy to back for the first time today! No back to tummy yet.

    It seems to me that rolling over really varies between LOs as to when they do it. You certainly don't have a reason to be worried yet.

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  • My son is 4 1/2 months and still hasnt rolled at all in any direction. I hope that he is not considedered behind, but he has hit every milestone when he was supposed to and is now trying to sit up, he maneged 3/4 of the way this morning.
  • My DD started rolling right before she turned 4 months.  At her 4 month check up yesterday, our pediatrician said that was on the early side so I certainly wouldn't worry at 3 1/2 months.
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  • My LO is about to be 5 mos and he hasn't started rolling yet. He did roll tummy to back yesterday but not on purpose and didn't seem interested in doing it again. I'm not too worried about it. We were discussing this on the Nov board too and someone mentioned that sometimes babies go straight to sitting up or crawling first.
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  • my son is 5 months old as of april 5th and he has been rolling from front to back since he was 16 days old and from back to front since he was 3 months. 
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  • back to front just shy of 4 months.  We're still waiting for front to back.  I will sleep so much better at night when she masters that!!  (DD will now only sleep on her stomach.)
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  • He rolled at 6 weeks once lol. 

    But he started doing it for real at 4 months and would always get stuck.  At 5 months he could roll really well.  He could roll all over the place to get toys and do some exploring.  Now at 6 months I can not stop him from rolling anywhere he wants. 

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  • DD rolled back to belly at 2.5 months. She didn't roll from belly to back constantly until ~4 months. Don't worry about your son not rolling yet. Many don't roll until 6 months.
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  • Still doesn't. In fact, he can only handle five minutes of tummy time without freaking out completely.
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  • 3 months = belly to back roll

    Almost 6 months = (just these last 2 weeks) Back to belly

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  • DS first rolled tummy to back at 3 months. Now that's all he does when he's on his tummy.

    He has yet to roll back to tummy though.

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  • Thanks for the feedback ladies. I wasn't really worried, just curious.
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  • My DD went from tummy to back at 3mon. Of course while she was waking up from her nap, when I went to go get her she was rolled over. She does it pretty regularly now. Just the last week or so she has been trying to go from back to belly with no success because she cant figure out that her arm need to be straight up and not bent at her side.

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  • Every child is different.  I wouldn't worry about it yet.  DS started rolling front to back around 2 months (he has been doing it for quite a while) and started rolling back to front a couple of weeks ago( 3 months).  DD, on the other hand, seemed to take forever to roll (probably 4 months before she even attempted it) and even when she could do it she did not roll very often.  She was content to just lay wherever we put her, unlike DS.  DD caught up with no issues.
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  • No rolling either In direction yet! 

  • DD #1 did it around 3 1/2 months and peridically DD #2 will roll from tummy to back but only likes to stretch out and lay on her side when placed on her back and that has just been that last week or so I guess I would say 4 months
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  • 4 months. No rolls. In any direction.
  • Was around 4.5 months for us, he's 5 months now and still isn't completely consistent at it. Sometimes he'll do it 7x in a row, and other times he struggles to get over once.

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  • DD#2 rolled at nine weeks and DD#1 rolled at twelve. Tummy to back though. Still no back to tummy, though DD#2 is trying. She keeps getting stuck on her side.

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    Tummy to back at around 3.5 months.  Hasn't mastered back to tummy yet.  She tries so hard and gets stuck on her side and then rolls all the way to her other side. It's pretty funny.  My son didn't consistently roll until around 5 months or so.
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