2nd Trimester

Is anyone planning or has only pumped?

Just curious if anyone has exclusively pumped and how that worked out for you? ?I'd like to do both so DH can feed the baby as well so just looking for different opinions/options. ?Thanks!

Re: Is anyone planning or has only pumped?

  • There have been a few exclusive pumpers around.  I pumped mostly the 1st 2 months, since DD couldn't nurse enough.  I think that unless you are working , and don't have to watch your child while you pump, it would be hard after the 1st 3 to 4 months, especially after they are mobile.  Tons of people pump half the time and BF the other half.  I did that a lot.   I also supplement and continued to BF until a year.
  • I EP for 2 months. I didn't BF at all (they were too little and it was to hard for me with two)..It was hard with twins to EP, but I think it will be lot easier with one baby..I am going to try to BF this baby. If not it is ok..
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  • I have two friends who EP. I have no idea what is better, but it worked for them for two very differnt reasons.

    According to girls on my local boards, they don't teach pumpng in breastfeeding classes. Some found this article helpful about pumping techniques.


  • Just keep in mind that you'll probably need to pump just as often as you would breastfeed to keep up your supply (i.e. in the middle of the night).
  • I would start researching it. EPing is tough work without the contact of the baby helping you to produce more. Find a couple of support boards, buy some books and really know your stuff ahead of time. It requires a lot of dedication!
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  • I BF'd for 12 months with our son and i had to pump when i went back to work after three months.  i only work a couple of days a week so it was not too hard to pump at work, but I HATED pumping.  I totally would not have made it very long if I wanted to EP.  I understand your "wanting" to EP so your hubby can help out, but I thought it was WAY easier to feed Henry...which took about 10 or 15 minutes...instead of pumping which took about the same amt of time but then on top of that someone had to feed the baby!  I really enjoyed BFing after the first few weeks, you have such a nice bond with your baby and it is really something that i came to enjoy doing!  Again, your call, but why dont you nurse the baby and then your hubby can change the baby or burp the baby or give the baby a bath.  there are other things that you will be worried about at that time other than pumping, feeding, pumping and feeding!  GL
  • I did for about 4 months and I think it's probably the hardest thing you can do as far as feeding your baby goes. ?You have to pump every 2 to 3 hours. ?Even in the beginning you have to wake up in the middle of the night so your supply doesn't go down. ?Then you have to feed the baby and then clean the pump supplies. ?Breastfeed if you can...it has to be easier.
  • from about 6 wks through 3 months i exclusively pumped b/c i had to- and HATED it.  BF was not a great experience though either.  i will still try to BF #2 but i hope it's a lot easier than it was with DS.  one major problem was that i only had a single pump- you NEED a double if you are going to exclusively pump.  i will most likely look into renting a hospital pump this time.

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