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I have been so emotional the last few days.

Things had been so much easier lately.  I don't know if I have been bawling on and off for 2 days because AF arrived, which of course, not only means I am not pregnant, but makes me generally emotional.  I don't know if it was from being around family for Easter (3 pregnant woman, who I was pregnant with of course, recently lost my grandmother too) or because I probably have to TTA for a bit.

 I guess I just need to vent, but DH just doesn't understand, it isn't that he doesn't try, but the little things just bother me more.  Like my aunt telling me, "at least I am not pregnant" in response to my FB post about being in a cast.    Every little thing sets me to tears, and I am generally just grumpy.  Hopefully, I can just take some midol, and I will feel better, hopes aren't too high.

Oh, and  tomorrow is pediatric day at my practice, and as much as I don't want to be bitter, I frankly can't help it.

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Re: I have been so emotional the last few days.

  • HUGS! This weekend was bad for me, too, and I had been doing so much better. You're going to have setbacks from time to time, but each one will be a little easier to recover from than the previous one. Hang in there. HUGS!

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  • I am so sorry. I know exactly what you mean. I just had my second loss in four months. As much as I am not emotionally ready to be pregnant again any time soon, I am sure each AF will just be a reminder that I am not pregnant.

    It's hard to talk to H because he doesn't know how quickly you can love a baby when you are carrying it. He loves our daughter more than anything, but he doesn't understand. It makes me so angry at him sometimes.

    I hope your day goes by quickly tomorrow.

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  • I know exactly what you mean! I was doing really well - no crying for a week and a half- until yesterday. Had to go to my dr for a follow-up and seeing all the pregnant patients in the waiting room along with all the kids running around sent me over the edge. Seeing the same dr reminded me too much about when I was going through the loss, plus he tried to make me feel as if I was a lucky one because I didn't die or have a tube removed. How can I feel lucky when I lost my baby?

    Anyways, I hope these bad days are fewer and farther between as time goes on. I am looking forward to getting my first period so we can be that much closer to trying again. Hang in there and let yourself feel however you need to in order to get through this.

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  • I m fortunate that I found out in my Ob's satelite office, it was my first time there, and I will be able to always avoid it. 

    I am also glad my OB didn't decide to point out how much worse things could have been.  It's like trying to make you feel guilty for being upset. 

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