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Best Lotion for Eczema?

Hi Moms!

We've tried Aquaphor (as our doctor recommended) but after using it for a few weeks I didn't see any real improvement in his skin. We've tried regular Eucerin but when we applied it stung. We also tried Curel Anti Itch Defense which didn't hurt him to put on but still is not really helping. Finally we got some anti itch cream from Target which seems to work the best but I can't use it all over his body just on the larger red patches.

 I actually think I might just take a break from all of them for a while. Since I'm not sure what is working  and what is not - we've tried so many new ones but I'd love help in finding "the cure" if that's possible!


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Re: Best Lotion for Eczema?

  • I use Aveno (I can't spell and am to lazy to get the bottle). They have one for eczema
  • I have to use a prescription strength cream for my eczema.  We got one for DS too when he started to break out.  He hasn't broken out since.  We also use gentle detergents and soaps.  Good luck, eczema sucks!
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  • With DD's eczema that she had, we were told the Aquaphore also.  We were told to put on Cortizone (sp?) that you can get at te pharmacy after every bath/shower then put on the Aquaphore.  I don't know if that will help out, but that helped with our LO.
  • Have you tried the new one from Nesporin?
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  • My son had a mild case of ezcema and I used the California Babies Calendula Cream and it seemed to work well.  I determined that it was probably caused by strawberries so I am cutting out strawberries for awhile to make sure that was the culprit.
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  • I have tried several different lotions and creams also.  I have found that CeraVe Cream works the best.  I also have prescription steroid cream for flare ups.  But since using the CeraVe I haven't had to use the steroid cream.

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  • Our pedi recommended Cetaphil lotion and body wash to use for our son's eczema. It has eliminated his eczema!
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  • DD doesn't technically have eczema, but her skin is pretty sensitive.  We use an Aveeno Baby bath wash (I think it's called cleansing therapy) and then the Aveeno eczema therapy lotion.  Also, not sure what the water is like where you live, but you may want to have your water tested.  If there is a lot of chlorine in the water that can irritate the skin.  We moved a little over a year ago and the chlorine in the water is less where we are now, and we saw a big difference in her skin just from that.  Good luck!
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  • We use CeraVe cream per our pedi's recommendation. And Cetaphil wash for baths.
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  • Though Dylan has a prescription lotion for hers, we also use Cortizone 10 and a Exzema lotion made by Cortizone.  All 3 of my girls have exzema during the winter.

  • I have noticed a big difference with Hydrolatum.  It is over the counter but I had to have a pharmacy order it for me, I couldn't find it anywhere.  We've tried Aveeno and Aquaphor in the past without any results.
  • I third CeraVe.  I have eczema and since starting to use it on the recommendation of me derm, I haven't had to use my steroid cream, or my Tetrix prescription.  

    I use it on my DS who has inherited my skin issues and it helps tremendously.  


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