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Sequential Screening and gender

I am going for my sequential screening today and have heard that its not likely, but possible to find out the baby's sex. Has anyone done thiers yet and found out? I am dying to know what we are having! lol

Re: Sequential Screening and gender

  • We had ours last week and they could barely get the measurements they needed, let alone tell the sex... lol.

     Good luck to you, though!

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  • Yeah didn't happen for us either.  The umblical cord was between the baby's legs. 
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  • They offered to make a guess for us but baby was not in a good position to get a good look, so I guess we will just wait till 20 weeks. In a way I am glad we did not get a guess because I don't want to get my mind set one way or the other they have it change at the 20 week A/S.



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  • I am going for mine tonight too =)  I am hoping they at least make a guess....I'm not going to go out and buy a ton of things, but it will just help us in some of the aspects, like names.  Our girl name is already picked...but we're stuck for boys.  So we shall see...i hope we both get a little taste of something!!!!!!!!Big SmileYes



    BTW...let me know how you make out!   We can compare!


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  • I highly doubt they will guess this early, but let us know if they do!!!

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  • Mine is tonight so I'll get back to you.
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  • At my 12 week ultrasound apt she told me she would take a guess! I didn't know they could see anything that early. She didn't end up guessing though since the umbilical cord was in between the legs. LOL.
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  • Ok, we had our screening last night....#1, I can't believe how much of a baby it looks like now compared to my 8 week u/s!!!!!!!!  It's amazing how fast they grow.  Anyway, everything turned out great and she was going to guess the sex, butttttttt the baby was modest and its umbilical cord was between the legs like the person ahead of me hahaha.  I guess that's a good thing! =)
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  • She wouldnt try a guess for me :( But that's ok, I'll just have to be patient!
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