what should my scar look like?

I am 4.5 mos out from my c section.

my scar is dark pink, about 4 inches long, maybe? It is smooth. I had stitches, not staples, so I think it looks ok.

I hear people saying theirs looks bad, but I guess I don't know what it should look like?

When can I expect it to fade in color?

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Re: what should my scar look like?

  • Mine is about 6 in long.  Purpleish in color and slightly raised, but only enough to feel it.  Just looking you wouldn't see that it's raised.  I had staples. 

    I think mine looks fine, I wouldn't mind if it fades in color a bit, but I can live with it the way it is. 

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  • Mine literally took years to fade, but I have really pale skin.
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  • I have only seen it like once thanks to my new tummy flab. Indifferent But it's really thin and light pink.
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  • I think mine kept fading until 18 months post c/s. It is hardly noticable now.
  • Mine is bright red, lumpy, and jaggedy with a tiny, tiny section that is smooth, flat, and white, which makes me think that the first year resident that did the close effed up a little.  My brother is an OB-GYN and was explaining to me when you're closing the scar you close towards yourself and where you start usually is better than where you end, so mine starts off really rough, gets better for like 2 millimeters, and then gets yucky looking again.  I'd like to VBAC but my OB said she'd be happy to fix it if I ended up having another c-section. 
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  • At 15 months PP you can't even see mine anymore without knowing where it is. A few months ago I had to find it for the Dr. doing my annual exam.

    At first and it looke Frankensteinish. It was raised and purple and very angry looking. Then it faded to a small silverly line rimmed with purplish skin and now it's a very hard to see silver line that is flush with the rest of my skin.

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  • I'm pleased w/ my scar.  I had staples but it looks real nice.
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  • It gets better with time.  I'm 16months past and it keeps getting better.  It's just a smooth skin colored line now.   For the first year I did continue to use the Palmers lotion and that seemed to help.
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  • I think it should be thin, straight, smooth, pink fading to white. Some people have keloid scars, jagged edges, bumpy, or really long scars.


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  • I have to look really close to even see mine at all, it's completely faded into my normal skin tone, but I'm 18 mo PP.  I don't really remember when it faded.
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