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*lurker* strollers

recommend your double stroller: for outside trips, walks, farmers market, etc. (with warm months coming, I don't want to "wear" outside, as it's really hot to do so)
-something that isn't over $300 and isn't terribly big when folded (i only have a little honda civic)

and also, your lightweight stroller: for quick trips with just one child, or something inside that i can wear one of the children & push other in stroller
-5 point harness, sturdy design-i hate the $20 umbrella strollers. maybe one that reclines too.

TIA for your help & advice. I think we need a "review sheet" on the board, like they have on the CD'ing board! i think it will eliminate alot of these posts...maybe not though, lol.

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Re: *lurker* strollers

  • I own a graco quattro duo and babytrend navigator. I had the jeep umbrella stroller but I traded it in for the babies r us brand side by side. I actually really like the babies r us stroller. It pushes pretty smooth, has two baskets, a cup holder and canopies. For long trips I usually use my jogger but this one works just as good. The baby trend jogger is great but too bulky for your car. If I wear my daughter then I use my single instep jogger which pushes and handles smoothly, large basket, cup holders. Large wheels that lock. But all in all I like the babies r us umbrella stroller. But it depends on the stage your in. HTH


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  • I have a Graco Quattro Duo and love it. It's adjustable, so I can take off the shades, or remove the infant car seat and let DD sit in the seat.
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