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Help,finding a job working from home...

I'm dreading going back to work, I have about another 3 weeks before i have to leave my little precious girl. I'm seriously trying to look for something i can do from home and get paid but it's hard to find anything legit. I'm wondering if anyone else has found or knows of anything that i can look into that will bring in a paycheck but let me stay home. Sure the company i work for now is great with pretty good benefits but I dont want to be away from my DD for 10 hours a day, i work 9.5 hour days and have every other Friday off. I just cant stand the thought off missing out on so much, it's really just crushing me. If anyone has any info it would be appreciated, thanks!
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Re: Help,finding a job working from home...

  • I wouldn't leave a job with good benefits that's great to work for without something better. Good, great, jobs are hard to come by these days. 
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    I wouldn't leave a job with good benefits that's great to work for without something better. Good, great, jobs are hard to come by these days. 

    Yup. Are you qualified to do anything that would actually translate to a "job" at home? Because no one is going to pay you to hang out with your kid all day.

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    I WAH I transitioned from an in office job to an at home job within the same industry. Is your current jobs something you can do from home? Could you propose working from home 1-2 times per week on a trial basis.

    Just so you know  I do see my kids more this way I rely on childcare. During working hours I am NOT their primary care giver. Now that my first born is older we're having a lot of issues with boundaries. She's going to go to a p/t preschool in the fall and I think that it will do us both some good. Both kids will go to an all day daycare center when the baby is 2.


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  • Ditto everyone else, and to be extra clear - you do need to realize that working from home doesn't mean your baby is with you.  most reputable companies are going to require that you have daycare for your child.  You can't watch your child AND work.
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  • It is INCREDIBLY hard to WAH I went back to work FT after DD was born and was able to negotiate WAH on Fridays.  I would spend an hour on the phone with my boss at 7 am and she could call me at any time during the day and, because I was working, I'd have to get it (or call right back).  My work load is huge, so trying to balance that and a growing active baby (now toddler)- it was incredibly hard (i.e., she would cry and call me and hang on me when I got on the phone, she would insist on climbing into my lap and playing with my notes or my laptop)  In the end, I always felt like I was ignoring her to get my work done or, some days, I'd spend more time with her and my work would suffer. PLUS there was no set end hours.  During the week, I left at 4, but because I was WAH, I would get calls long after that or end up working long past that.  I found it incredibly stressful.

     I was promoted at work recently and gave up my weekly WAH schedule willingly. I miss being able to have lunch with DD on Fridays, but because I am able to focus on my work entirely now on those days, I can often head out earlier to take her to the park and focus entirely on her :) 

    The schedule works better, things are still hectic and I will probably WAH 1 day again when I have #2, but ultimately, I've decided that to feel balanced, I would like to work PT.  I have a 5 year plan- by the time my children are in elementary, I WILL have a job that allows me to pick them up from school every day.  I have no clue how it will be done... but its my goal :)

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  • Most of the women on this board who WAH transitioned into that scenario after being in the office FT. It will be hard to find that same setup coming in off the street (unless you have skills that can translate into a consulting or freelance gig). I know this time is difficult, but if you haven't already, it might make you feel better  to focus on your budget (with DH) and figure out what you need to do to get where you want to be and then work together to get there. KWIM?

  • The company I work for has a large number of people WAH across the country.  After 5 years in an office, I applied for a WAH position in a newly formed group and got it.  I've heard there were a high number of candidates so I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity.  

    My DD is 5 and still goes to daycare until she starts kindergarten in the Fall.  

  • It's hard to find something legit because anything legit will require you to have child care for your baby.
  • Working from home =/= getting to hang out with your baby all day.

    You still need to arrange childcare for the hours you will be working, even if you would be working from your home. I don't understand why so many women think this does not apply to them.

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  • I WFH three days a week and go to an office two days a week.  I negotiated this with my company when my husband was offered a promotion in another state where working from an actual office was too much of a commute for five days a week.  I moved from two to three days a week at home when I started back after having E.  We have a nanny who comes to our house during the week to watch E.   She works less on the days I work from home, so I do get more time with E on those days, but I am not his primary care giver and I could never watch E and be productive with work.  Most people I know who WFH got there because they transitioned from a full time office role to something WFH for part or all of their time.
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  • I work from home and have my daughter at home with me, but my job is unique.  I work independently on large projects and track my hours for each project, I don't have many conference calls (1-2/week) and can usually schedule those during the time when DD 'usually' is sleeping, and I don't receive a large amount of 'urgent' emails throughout the day - all these things allow me to have my DD at home with me so far (besides, she can't start daycare until May with RSV season).  I am planning on working from home in my current job until the end of the summer and will reevaluate at that point.  It is VERY difficult to work from home with a child at home, when DD is playing or sleeping I try to get work done and when DH comes home from work he watches her all night while I work (except I take breaks to feed her).  DD goes to bed around 10pm now and I usually stay up until 1-3am to get more work done - I do get in my 40 hours/week, but to do this I forefit ALL time to myself, our house isn't spotless and our meals at home are usually whatever takes the least amount of time to prepare.  It can be done, my employer knows I do it and they don't care as long as I meet my deadlines and my work is high quality, which it is!
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  • I used to work from home pre baby, I worked full time (got benefits as well) with 1800 flowers and The Popcorn Factory. However you still would need a sitter because background noise during working hours is a big no no. Here is their website: They hire a lot during holidays for temp positions but once your in with them and they need full time workers you would be the first they'd contact.
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  • Is your job something you can do from home? If so can you proposition your employer to have flex work maybe both in the office and days at home? Just a thought.. I'm working from home but they offered it pre pregnancy when I was moving.
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  • I started my own company several years ago so when I had my son I just continued to work on that and was lucky it became successful.  


    If you are looking for a work option I have a friend who started this  where you get to work online marketing for large companies.  I can't really answer many questions about it because I don't do it but she said she likes it.   

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