Successful VBAC with big baby!

Here is my story!

Saturday 3/31 at 3:45am my water broke- I was in bed and heard a small pop.  With DD it was a loud pop followed by a gush of water.  I got out of bed and felt a little trickle down my leg- just assumed I was peeing.  Got to the bathroom and each time I stood up, more came down my leg.  I was not having any contractions yet so I didn't wake my DH...I think I was trying to let him sleep a little more and I was in some denial.  I had just been to the Dr. the day before and was not even 1cm and still very high.

About 45 min later, I was having contractions every 10 min...nothing too crazy though so still didn't wake DH, take a shower, or even pack a bag.  By 6am I decided that it was morning and that my DD would wake up soon anyways, so I woke up DH.  He become frantic and we called his mom to watch DD.  We had to drop her and the dog off at their house on the way to the hospital.  In the car the contractions were getting stronger and coming every 2.5 min.  DH was really starting to freak out.  

We made it to the hospital and I was immediately checked.  I was at 4cm and still very high.  The Dr. was not very confident that a VBAC would happen.  I labored a bit and then got an epidural (Thank goodness!)  At the next check I was 8cm and station -2.  Dr. was still not thrilled with my chances. 2 hours later I was fully dilated but now only at station 0.  So baby was lowering but not very quickly.  

I started pushing an hour later and in less than an hour DH saw the baby's hair and then everyone knew that I was going to have a successful VBAC!  It was so exciting!  A few more pushes and out came a new DD!!!  it was such a rush!

The Dr. was really shocked at how well I was able to push to get her to come down!  While they were all pretty pessimistic about the outcome, they never really let me believe it and always let me continue to try!

Here are DD's stats- 8lbs, 9oz; 20 inches long; 35 cm head circumference!

The recovery is so much better than the section despite some tearing and stitches, and the 2 day hospital stay went so quickly compared to the 5 days!

Good Luck Everyone! 

BFP 7/27;US 6w6d saw hearbeat at 118bpm!! US 7w6d heartbeat 154bpm!!!Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

BFP 1/9/09 15 DPO HCG= 371; 17 DPO HCG=902; 23 DPO= 7573
1/23- US 5w4d saw yolk and gestational sac
2/7- US 7w4d saw Heartbeat beating at 156 bpm!!!!
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BFP 9/16/08 HCG did not rise sufficiently; US confirmed ectopic prenancy 10/6/08 at 5w4d
IM methotrexate 10/7/08, Day 21 after Meth- HCG less than 5!!!!


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Re: Successful VBAC with big baby!

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