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Pretty sure my water just broke....Update!!!

Of course it would be early morning, lol.


I was sitting in bed and thought I felt something warm trickle...stood up and it was a pretty steady leak down my l leg....it was a pretty decent amount so I kicked H out of the shower and went in the bathroom so I wouldn't ruin any carpets (yay! My bed survived!) Although it stopped for a moment and just as I was starting to think it was just pee (I swear it smelled like pee) there was another small gush. I've decided to sit on the bed (with a towel of course) and stand up in a few to see if it happens again, but I'm pretty confident that there's no way I could pee that much, lol.




Can I still labor at home? 


Yep, that was definitely my water...apparently my daughter likes to do things the correct way....water broke, rest of MP came out along with the nasty bloody show everyone talks about and then the contractions started. Sitting on my bed while H gets our things together (he is freakkkkkkkkking out, btw) timing my contractions (which are not very fun at all). 

Well...wish me luck ladies! Aiming for a NB but most importantly, a happy, healthy little girl :)

See ya on the flip side :) 

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Re: Pretty sure my water just broke....Update!!!

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