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Picky eater recommendations

Holy crud.  I need some recommendations of veggies and meats and ways to make her eat them.  We're a little better with grains, and she'd eat dairy and fruit all day if I let her.

Re: Picky eater recommendations

  • Sounds just like my DD. The only meats and veggies she likes are fish sticks and fake chicken patties (no so much the nuggets real or fake) and peas and green beans. Occasionally she'll eat something random at DC (turkey kielbasa or roast beef), but that's about it for home. I make up for the protein by giving her greek yogurt, cheese, and sliced toasted almonds. 
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  • I have been giving DS the yogurt melts/yogurt, cheerios are always a good go to, oddly enough, DS really loves black beans, mandarin (sp?) oranges, pears, peaches, cherries

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  • What if you present what you want to give in a different way? DD isn't a fan of tomatoes, but LOVES my marinara sauce with pasta or on homemade pizza. I also made her some homemade artichoke dip with Greek yogurt - also a big hit. And this past weekend, we went to Trader Joes where we discovered Felafel chips - so a good different way to give her legumes Smile. Good luck!
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  • DS loves to dip: so most veggies get dipped in ketcup or something. Or they are pureed/soft veggies (canned pumpkin, mashed and cooled sweet potatoes...) If all else fails i have done baby veggies in baby cereal. (and sometimes add a fruit to it.

    He loves hot dogs, and cold meatballs (so leftovers from the fridge), or meat lasanga.

    Try different temps of the same food - DS will eat a lot of things cold, but very few warm.

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  • Thanks for the ideas, everyone!  You're awesome!  Now, I just have to start trying them out and see what happens.  Our skinny little lady needs to start eating and put on some more weight before her next pediatrician visit (I've been warned), or she's in for a whole battery of testing to make sure nothing is physically wrong.  Of course, if there is something going on, I definitely want to know!  But she's already grown into the tantrum terrible twos-type toddler phase, so it could just be behavioral, too.  We'll have to see how she does when she's tempted by all of these yummy yummy things.
  • These spinach bites are awesome or you can google a recipe and make your own.
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