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My daughter was a pro at going to bed. She would lay there with her bear blanket and drift off to sleep. We stopped giving her a bottle 2 days ago and now she screams when we lay her down. She is now in her room screaming "mamamama". Last night my husband caved and gave her a bottle. What point do you go in there? Do I go in there to give her blanket and pacifier back (she has likely thrown them out of her crib)? It is breaking my heart.

Re: Help!

  • Oh, that's rough.  We give our DD a sippy cup of milk before bed-time, and she's comfortable with that.  That being said, she's terrible at nap-time.  We let her CIO (and her pedi recommended to continue this), and I usually find something that really "needs to be done" on the other end of the apartment until she's asleep.

    In the meantime, I would recommend reading the book "Go the F*** to Sleep" as comic relief for you.  It's obscene (as the title implies), and it puts into words everything you've been thinking but wouldn't necessarily say.

  • She has been doing great with the sippy during the day. We give her the sippy with her dinner, but apparently it is not good enough for her.

    Have you ever seen the video of the grandmother reading "Go the F to Sleep"? It is hilarious. 

    It would not be so bad if she were screaming "dadadada" Smile.

  • I can breath again. I went in hugged her, gave her bear blanket, and her pacifier. She went back down with minimal crying.
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