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I went in for my first appointment yesterday and discovered a missed miscarriage. I am supposed to be 10 weeks pregnant, but the baby only measured 6 weeks 3 days. I am scheduled for "real" ultrasound at the hospital on Friday to confirm, and afterwards, a D&C. Can someone please tell me what the recovery is like? My daughter's birthday is the next day and I just want to know what to expect from ladies who have been there.

Thank you.

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  • physical recovery isnt bad at all, i had very light bleeding and a little cramping if i moved around a lot. Picking up my son was a little painful, but you should be ok at the party i would just take it easy. I was 11 weeks with twins when i had my D&C. 
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  • Thanks for your response and I am really sorry for your loss.
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  • I had heavy bleeding for a week and then a week of light bleeding. I also had cramping if I over exerted myself.
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  • Physically it wasn't as difficult as I expected.  Mild bleeding and mild cramping.  Mostly for me, it was emotionally draining.  I literally laid the entire next day and tried to sleep.

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    Physically it wasn't as difficult as I expected.  Mild bleeding and mild cramping.  Mostly for me, it was emotionally draining.  I literally laid the entire next day and tried to sleep.

    This was exactly my experience. 

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  • You might be out of it for a while.  I know everyone's experience is different but I was out of it for a couple of days from the anesthesia.  I had minimal cramping but I did have terrible gas pains two days after the procedure.  This, apparently, is very common but my Dr. didn't tell me that at first.  I hope you don't have the experience with the gas pains but ask the doctor if there is something you can take before or right after the procedure as a precautionary measure.  Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.
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  • The day after my D&E I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. The day after that I slowly hiked up a mountain.

    You will most likely find yourself not 100%, but if you take everything one-step at a time, you will be ok. Try and get lots of rest the day of.

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  • Hi, I just had a D and C yesterday.  It took all day, I was at the hospital from early in the morning till into the evening.  Came home and went right to sleep.  After the surgery I felt just exhausted, but okay to walk, and not much pain.  I bled alot at first but today so far have been okay with bleeding, but still tired.  I went to work today and did okay, just again tired, cramps, and sad.  Everyone's different to, see how you feel.  Hope all goes well.
  • Hello, I had a D&E last week.  I had never had any type of surgery before, so I was very nervous.  The procedure itself was not bad.  Emotionally, it's another story of course.  My DH and I were at the hospital for about five hours total, most of the time was spent prepping and recovering. We went home and I just wanted to sleep the rest of the day.  I had light bleeding the rest of that day, but only very light spotting ever since.  I haven't had any AF type cramping, but I did have stomach/gas pains which are getting better.  I hope you recover quickly.  
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  • I had a D&C (aspiration, not scraping) yesterday. I have very little blood, very little mild cramping. I had local anesthesia. I think it depends how they put you out. My doc said I can start working out today and I feel (physically) good enough to do so. Mentally, it's another story.


  • I'm sorry for your loss.  I was in bed the day of & most of the day after D&C.  It wasn't a painful recovery per se, but I was just depressed & crampy.
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