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vitamin supplements for moms of 15-month olds

Are you giving them?  Are they still the drops or have you moved to gummies, chewable?  DD isn't really into milk anymore.  She was downing 8 oz in the AM when she woke up and I was adding polyvisol drops with iron, but I am concerned she isn't ingesting enough.  She isn't a big drinker in general.  We see the pedi next week for 15 month checkup but am curious what others are doing.

Re: vitamin supplements for moms of 15-month olds

  • We never gave supplements, because DS was always a pretty good eater and even when he had his picky phases, they didn't last long. I would not worry all that much about milk. Is she getting cheese, yogurt, etc.? If the rest of her diet is fine, I wouldn't be concerned about milk alone. 
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  • She likes cheese and yogurt.  She would probably eat only fruit if she had the choice (crazy for it).  We are pouch-a-holics because she at least gets some veggies in with the pouch mixes.  Basically she doesn't eat dinner, just moves everything into piles and then throws onto the floor.  She's small, but not off the charts, always been in the 5-10th percentile for height and last time was 25th for weight.
  • The pedi told us she didn't need vitamins as long as she ate a healthy, balanced diet. My daughter is only in the 3rd percentile for weight and they never suggested vitamins.
  • At DD's 12 month well visit the doctor said as long as she was eating meat and drinking milk then not to worry about supps. Not even Vit D drops bc she gets it in the milk, which I was surprised to hear b/c so many ppl push Vit D. She drinks maybe 1-1.5 cups of milk at home (breakfast, supper, bedtime snack) and I don't know how much she drinks at daycare. And she doesn't even need to eat meat every day for iron. But we can tell that she is bright, healthy, alert, full of vigor and her weight is staying on track so there are no concerns about her nutrition.


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  • My pedi said to still give vit supplements.  He said I can keep giving poly-vi-sol with iron or something chewable with iron.  That iron is real important and stay away from gummies...they really don't have what they need...

    so who knows...................all pedis are sooooo different!  It's kind of crazy!

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  • At that age, we were doing the drops in DD's WCM.  We just switched to chewables last week though, and she loves them!  (She's 20 months old)
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  • We starte giving vitamin chewables once when LO was teething and hardly eating... I forget how old he was, think over 15 months but regardless, I'd say you could get some chewables. Also your LO will think you're awsome for giving them a "fruit snack" type candy and you'll be happy they are taking a vitamin :)

    Just something to keep in mind, at DS's 2 year check up they checked iron levels. DS's were low so I had to get rid of a huge bottle of chewable (gave to SIL) and get flinstone iron. Not as fun but he still loves em.

  • DS has been getting the chewable Flintstone's Complete with Iron whenever I rememeber to give them to him.  He eats a well balanced diet and still drinks plenty of milk so our pedi has never had a concern or rec'd one way or the other.  I think if your LO has a good diet then I wouldnt worry about it.  If she eats like crap then yeah, give her some vits.  LOL

  • We use the Tri-Visol vitamin drops because MS runs in DH's family so the pedi recommeneded boosting her Vit D (at least) to be proactive in trying to prevent it.  She's a good eater otherwise but being in New England we don't always get outside in the sun when the weather's cold or rainy. 
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  • Our DD is 16 months and taking the liquid vitamins.  I'd talk to your pediatrician about it, partly to find out if s/he still wants your LO on it, and if so, to see what vitamins/minerals he wants your child to get from them.

    THE GUMMIES DO NOT CONTAIN IRON, so if your LO doesn't eat a lot of meats, you'll probably be stuck with the drops for a while yet, like our DD is.  I don't think she'd be able to chew the crunchy toddler chewables yet, so oh well.  She takes them just fine in either her milk or her juice.  DH and I have a theory that we could put anything at all in her milk, and she'd still drink it.  We use Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron, and we have to be careful buying it, because they also sell Poly-Vi-Sol without iron, and for some reason they decided to sell them in nearly identical boxes, even with the same colors and patterns on the box.  The only difference is the small "with iron" on the front of the box that we need.  Sigh.

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