2nd Trimester

Would you take the rhogram or not... TMI

I am RH-.

I had a tiny bit (think the width of a pencil mark about .75 inch long) inside of clear discharge last Wednesday. called doctor went in on Friday and got an ultrasound (moved by regular big ultrasound up to 18 weeks), cervix was fine, placenta was close (so marginal placenta).   I forgot to ask about the rhogram shot.

This saturday night, got another round of spotting... this was different.  Brown discharge (very mucus like) about the size of a pea when i wiped.  Then slight pink about the size of a pea on another wipe about an hour later.  Then, nothing until last night, where I had a very tiny amount of brown discharge on my pantyliner, but nothing when I wiped.

called dr again today to ask if I should keep calling about spotting, what amount I should call about and if I needed the Rhogram shot.

She said, that generally, she would not recomend it unless it was actual blood (not brown) and at least the size of a quarter on a pantyliner or it was flowing like a period. She said she would give it to me if I wanted it to make me feel better, and then give it again at 28 weeks as it will not do anything bad.

Anyways- it made me feel like I was an idoiot for asking.   Anyways-- I called DH and he says why not take it?

I can call back and ask to make an apt to take it, would you?

Why or why not?

Note-- I am leaning towards no as it seemed like she thinks it is medically un-needed not to mention that if I was sensitizied I would likely have been from the other discharge/spotting that happened longer than 72 hours ago.

Other info.  I know for a fact that DH is +, and our first son is +.  I had rhogram at 28 weeks and after birth last time, am not sensitized (up until now) and had no issues with the shot. 

Re: Would you take the rhogram or not... TMI

  • I'm the one who used to give those lovely injections to pregnant women, I know what to expect. However both my husband and I are (-) so they said the risk was low but I'm still expected to have it done. But this is my 1st pregnancy so I'm kind of doing everything by the book. :) 
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  • Let me preface by saying that I, too, am RH Negative. If I were in your situation, I would follow my OB's recommendation. I have been my OB's patient for 10+ years and I trust his advice, he is always on the cautious side. So, if my OB said it's okay not to get the shot I would trust his training and that he would not steer me in the wrong direction.

    Plus that rhogram shot hurt like hell in my @ss! I wouldn't want to take it any more than I'd have to.

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  • Jand Khall-- I don't understand?   my doctor seems to say it is not by the book in this case and making it seem like I would be getting it un-needed?   She wants to just give it to me at 28 weeks unless i actually bleed and again after birth.  Same as last time?


  • I don't think I would unless I had a bit more spotting or really just wanted to do it for peace of mind.

    I'm also rh- and have had my share of rhogam shots.  With my second pregnancy, I had one at 8 weeks because I miscarried a twin and it was done to prevent losing the other baby.  I had another one midway through the pregnancy and a third after delivery.  But I had LOTS of bleeding from the miscarriage.

    Do what you feel comfortable doing.  The shot really is no big deal, as you know, so if helps you sleep better at night then go for it.

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  • I am Rh negative and my OB said do it, it doesn't hurt anything.  I got it at 9 weeks and will get another shot later around 28 weeks. 

    My thoughts - if it doesn't hurt but can help something in the future that it is worth doing.

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  • Also RH- here... I had a very small amount of bleeding at 11 weeks and it wasn't a question, they gave me the shot.

    I would get it just for peace of mind. But then again, I'm PGAL so I would do pretty much anything for peace of mind.

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  • See-- this is what makes me doubt.  Ohter people's doctors seem to give it even with a touch of spotting.

    I feel so dumb calling her back and asking for it when she clearly thinks it is un-needed and appeasing me to not make me worry.   But I am now waivering.


  • I am a worry wart myself so I would get the shot if it were me. I however suffered two second trimester losses prior to this pregnancy so I am a paranoid nervous wreck!  LOL .. seriously though every sign or symptom I freak out! I mean literally freak out! I have my OB's office on speed dial! 

    I mean it won't hurt anything .. so why not?

    Good luck!  

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  • with 2 m/c under my belt, i've already had the shot 2x.  i'm rh- and DH is rh+ so i'll be getting it with this pregnancy as well, but they don't do it untill something like 28 weeks and then again birth. If your doc isn't worried about the amount, i'd not worry unless it continued/got worse.  At which point maybe they could get you in for an u/s or something? idk.
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  • I had a subchorionic hematoma (bleeding issue) early on in this pregnancy. Decent bleeding where it would be on my underwear and an occasional very small clot. My OBGYN said that it would be SO extremely rare that the blood got into my blood stream that I could wait until the 28 week mark for my shot. I trusted them.
  • I had some heavy spotting around 17 weeks and had to get it then, it hurt going in but after that didn't bother me at all. I will be getting another at28 weeks and when I have the baby dh is +.
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  • I would do anything that would give me peace of mind without any risk to my baby. I'm RH+ but if I weren't, I would absolutely get the shot. But I am a huge worrier, so it's the natural response for me. Do what feels right to you, OP!
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