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Water breaking

Is anyone else worried about their water breaking in a public place? I am so worried it is going to break in the middle of the grocery store. Small leak I can handle, but a huge gush the requires a clean up in aisle 4 would be embarrassing.

Re: Water breaking

  • I think about it a lot, actually.  I never had it happen with DS and my mom never had her water break on it's own so I don't know why I'm so paranoid about it, but I am.  I keep imagining it happening at work, or at the store or when I'm alone somewhere with DS...
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  • Mine broke spontaneously (at home) with DD.  If you're wearing pants, no matter how much liquid comes out, it will be absorbed by your pants.  So, embarrassing but no 'cleanup on aisle 4' required.  
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  • I worry it'll happen at work in a meeting lol... and Ill stand up and the chair will be wet...
  • When mine broke at home I was in bed, but if it would have broke in public it defiantly would have gone through my pants, it was ALOT of water. 

    I really would be upset if my water broke at the grocery store, only because all the people there stare at me like they are so sure its going to happen. I would hate for them to be right as rudely as they stare.

    My mom told me when your water breaks it would just be a small trickle. Well I guess everyone is different because mine popped and gushed.  

  • With my first it was a huge fear!  In the end the doctor had to break my water in the middle of labour!
  • I think about it all the time.  I've played out different scenarios in my head on what I would do if it breaks at work, in the grocery store, at home... It was broken by my doctor with DS #1 when I was in the hospital bed laboring, so it would definitely be a new experience for me!
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  • With DD, mine was broke by the doctor becuase I was being induced. For some reason I don't have a fear of where it it will be, if it does break on its own. It will be a new experience for me also.

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  • With DS it broke while I was sitting on the toilet...HUGE GUSH!  So I'm guessing there's no way I'll be as lucky this time around!  I haven't really thought about it much this time...I feel like everyone stares at my belly now so what do I care if they stare at my wet pants!!
  • I was 7cm dialated when the doctor broke my water with DS.

    I don't think my water will break with this LO, but you never know.

    My family says to carry around a jar of pickles in the grocery store so you can drop them if your water breaks. I would think that's more embarrassing though.

  • I very much have that fear! But with DD I didn't even know my water had broken! I thought I had just peed myself a little. I was in the labor room with an induction. When Dr came in to break my water it was already popped!

    This time I'm terrified I won't know again or I'll be in the shower! How would you know your water broke if you were in the shower? Can you tell the gush of water from the shower stream? lol

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  • I've thought about it, but only b/c mine did break with DD#1, and in a BIG way!  

    I was actually driving home that afternoon and was wearing jeans, so between the attire and the way I was sitting I couldn't quite figure out what it was at first, but was definitely a HUGE gush!  Luckily I had a fleece blanket in the car (I'd definitely recommend carrying a stash of supplies in your car at this point, just in case of something like this) because by the time I got to my midwife's office (was over an hour away when it started) I was DRENCHED by the time I parked and walked in!  Just wrapped the blanket around my waist and was laughing so hysterically (DD was 3 weeks early) that I don't think I had much time to worry about being embarrassed!  

    I'm actually more worried now about my water breaking in my office for reasons PPs mentioned; just the whole "clean up" factor and whether I'll be in a meeting, with a client, etc.  But you know, it'd make for a GREAT story regardless if that's the way it goes.  LMAO at the pickles idea; that's genius!  Plus I buy pickles by the gallon anyhow for DD, so I usually do have one in the cart most trips.  :) 

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  • image IsaacA:

    I was 7cm dialated when the doctor broke my water with DS.

    I don't think my water will break with this LO, but you never know.

    My family says to carry around a jar of pickles in the grocery store so you can drop them if your water breaks. I would think that's more embarrassing though.

     I love this.  What a great idea!  No one would know what the heck happened LOL

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  • Yes! I am so afraid of it breaking at work. My coworkers would freak out! I have a fear it will or that it will break when I am home alone and no one will answer their phone.

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  • In the What to Expect book it actually says that if you're standing, there shouldn't be much of a gush, because the baby's head will act as a cork. It did say that if you're laying down, there will likely be a gush. That said, even if it's a trickle down your leg, and your wearing pants (that are not black) it will probably still be embarassing. Although, chances are that at this point anyone can tell you're pregnant by looking at you so we really shouldn't be too embarrassed.
  • Mine broke in a huge gush after hours of labor. Soaked through my shorts, but didn't get onto the bed. Only a few women actually have their membranes rupture before labor starts. 

  • DH's boss's wife's water broke yesterday (dunno the details) & she was suppose to be induced tomorrow. DH told me not to be on the couch if mine breaks. And I said the bed - he agreed. It's funny though, he says it as if I have control over it! I just told him normally it's either not a big gush or it doesn't break on its own. I just really hope it doesn't break at work - I work at McDonald's. Lol!
  • This has always been a fear of mine.  With DD it broke when I was in the hospital.  With DS, it was a slow leak that started at home.  I just found out last week that I have too much amniotic fluid.  Today I found out it is A LOT of extra fluid.  Apparently when my water breaks, it will flood the whole state.  I am beyond terrfied now!
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  • I'm a teacher!  if it breaks at work it won't be good!  LOL
    I can't even believe I am the mom to a two year old...
  • My cousin's OB told her a story about another of his patients ... her water broke in the grocery store. She was freaking out and super embarassed, so she reached over and threw a big jar of pickles on the floor so it would break. lol ... thought this would cover up the fact that her water broke to all the employees. :)

  • I read that only 20% (I think) of labor begins with water breaking. My mom had 5 children and her water broke to start labor with just myself, not my siblings. I guess it's the luck of the draw!
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  • image dayzchic9:
    I'm a teacher!  if it breaks at work it won't be good!  LOL

     This!  I hop between a kindergarten and a 3rd grade room...I can only imagine the comments that would come from that scene.  It has been interesting enough to hear their questions and comments about the bump.  :-)  There are several of us pregnant in the building, and we've all been teasing our janitor that we need to come up with a signal so he knows he's coming to clean up our mess instead of the typical throw up. 

  • Most women's water does not break on their own, and if it does, it is usually just a slow leak. However, mine was like out of a movie with a huge gush like a bucket was dumped. Fortunately, I was at home when it happened. You could always wear a maxi pad near the end when you go out in public. The pad will absorb a slow leak but probably won't help much with a large gush.
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