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Anyone have a Subchronic bleed in early pregnancy?

Please share your success stories with me as I just spent hours in the ER a few days ago thinking I was having a m/c. Baby is fine with a strong heartbeat! But I'm still freaked out. Any advice/stories you could share would be great. Thank you so much!
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Re: Anyone have a Subchronic bleed in early pregnancy?

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    I had a small SCH that was discovered during early pregnancy. I had spotting/bleeding from about 5 weeks until about 7 or 8 weeks I think. It was so so terrifying but at my 12 week NT scan they said it appeared to have healed! I haven't had a single bit of spotting or bleeding since first tri. 

    I know it can be very very scary just do your best not to worry and know that these are fairly common and typically heal on their own. Take it easy and just try not to stress (I know, easier said than done).

    Good luck! 

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    I had bleeding at 5 weeks and then again at 8 weeks.  For other reasons, I have had a lot of u/s, and they monitored it every time until it was gone.  I'm over 26 weeks now and all is going well.  Good luck to you!!!
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  • Yes- very scary. Mine was discovered around 5-6 weeks. The bleeding slowed and then showed up again around 12.5 weeks which really freaked me out, but after having an emergency ultrasound baby was completely fine. I'm now 22 weeks and haven't had any bleeding since 13.5 weeks. I learned that it's fairly common. They just advised me to "take it easy" because you don't want the bleed to get any bigger. Just tell yourself that at least you know why you're bleeding and remember that you don't have any cramping with the blood. Try to rest and you'll be "in the clear" soon. Good luck!
  • I had two major bleeds from my SCH around weeks 6-8, but like the other girls, it had resolved itself by week 12. There was lots of red/brown spotting around those weeks, but nothing reallyy since then. The prognosis is generally good unless it is large or in a bad location. As long as your doctor is watching it and baby looks good, you should be ok. Just stock up on pads.  :/
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  • Just like the other girls, I had a major, major bleed at 5 weeks in the middle of the night.  DH and I thought I was having a miscarriage, it was one of the hardest nights of my life.  At five weeks, it was double the size of our baby.  

    At seven weeks, everything looked great and at 11 weeks, the clot was gone.  Last week at my 16th week appointment, everything was great.

    It is hard, but listen to your doctor and continue to rest and take an easy.

    Good luck!  

  • Thank you girls so much for replying! It makes me feel a lot better hearing your experiences. I'm so glad all of you are doing well! Good luck to you all as you get closer to having your lo's! Thanks again!
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  • I did. I had a large bleed at 9w3d. Went to OB for U/S and baby was fine, hb 173, subchorionic clot was 2cm. I spotted off and on for the next 2 weeks. Had follow-up appt last week and baby was measuring 11w5d, hb 167, clot still there about 3cm. I'll have follow up appts every 2 weeks to monitor progress. Dr. doesn't seem too concerned unless the clot doesn't resolve by 18-20 weeks. I haven't had anymore spotting since my last appointment. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Dr. said it can be reabsorbed in the body, but I just fear if I don't see it bleeding out, then it's getting bigger. I'm a crazy worrier!

    I understand your freakout. I was/am still the same way.

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    I had a SCH at 10w5d. I woke up in the middle of the night to extremely heavy bleeding with clots (sorry if that's TMI). I called the OB and went in as soon as they opened in the morning for an emergency u/s. The baby was fine, wiggling around like a little acrobat. The clot was fairly large, and I spotted for about 3 weeks. It had completely resolved by 14 weeks. Good luck to you. I understand how terribly frustrating and worrisome it is to bleed while pregnant. The good news is that the prognosis is usually good.
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  • Yes, had a little spotting and cramping, was very scary as I thought I was having another miscarriage. A little extra monitoring and by @nd trimester the bleed was gone.

    Apparently as my OB said it is pretty common but VERY STRESSFUL! Good luck!

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  • Yes, bleeding at 5 weeks, 10 weeks and 13 weeks. By 17 weeks at my a/s it was gone! I was on pelvic rest though until I hit 20 weeks. My doc just had me come in and they did a u/s each time I was bleeding. They are fairly common, just relax, don't lift stuff or do too much. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • unfortunately I have struggled with a SCH throughout this entire pregnancy. I originally ended up in the ER at 7 weeks with bleeding, that is when they discovered it. I was told to take it easy and by my next appoint at 10 was told that it had disappeared completely. At 13 weeks I had major bleeding (really thin, bright red blood) it was literally pouring out of me, I soaked through 3 pads in 30 min. Rushed to the ER to find out that it was still the SCH and it measured 8 cm. After that visit I saw my doctor at least 3 times and was told that it was completely gone each time. Last week I was back in the ER with bleeding and was told that the SCH was still 8 cm. After all of this my doctor still doesn't seem to think it is that big of a deal.

    I am meeting with another doctor tomorrow and will get a second opinion. Yes it is very scary and I am extremely sexually frustrated but I am so thankful that LO is doing fine. We actually found out that he is a boy in the ER. Good luck with everything and just try to take it easy. 

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  • I had one that was detected at my 8 week ultrasound.  I had two follow-up ultrasounds at 12 and 14 weeks to check on it.  At 12 weeks it was still there, but by 14 weeks it was gone.  I had no actual spotting though.  My doctor said most clear up by 20 weeks.

    On another one of my boards a lady has been having bleeding throughout her whole pregnancy due to one, and she's almost full term, and everything is looking great with baby. :)

    Im sure everything will be okay.  Hang in there! *hugs*


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  • i had spotting at7, 9, and 10 weeks. Subchorionic bleed was seen at 9 weeks but resolved by 13 weeks. I've been taking it easy since, barely doing any strenuous activity, or even taking walks, just to be on the safe side. no heavy lifting or straining either.

  • Hello!

    First, this is such a scary situation!!! I had a SCB when I was 7 weeks pregnant.  There was bright red blood and cramping.  I knew for sure I was having a m/c and was hysterical.  My husband and I rushed to the ER...waited hours and never saw a doctor.  I finally called my on-call RE and was told "whatever is going to happen is going to happen".  We decided to leave the hospital at 4am (without being seen) and headed home.  At 7am I went to my personal doctor and sure enough...there was a perfect wee heartbeat.  You could see the SCH for weeks but it eventually started to get smaller as the baby grew.  We are now at a healthy 25 weeks:)  And baby is in great shape, no other bleeding to date!

    I heard and read that it is fairly common.  Just try to take it easy and think positive!

     GOOD LUCK:) 


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