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adderall during pregnancy...?

Hi Ladies...so I just found out that I'm pregnant...(positive home pregnancy test 2 days ago)...I have yet to make an appt. with OBgyn but I do have a call in to her about taking Adderall during pregnancy...I'm not sure how far along I am..my guess would be 6-7 weeks...I've researched it but come up with mixed answers...does anyone know the real deal or have any experience with it? until I hear back from my doc I'm not going to take it (obviously)...I'm just really curious about it now.
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Re: adderall during pregnancy...?

  • Based on my experience with it I would say no to the adderall during pregnancy, but most doctor's won't leave you high and dry, they will either work with you on a regular basis so you don't need it, or prescribe different meds if you must have them to be of any kind of use.  Good Luck.

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  • I take adderall as well, and stopped with my previous pregnancy w/DD as soon as I found out (7 wks), b/c I was just too scared.  That was nearly 3 yrs ago, and apparently no one can come up with any strong clinical evidence against taking it.  If you research SSRI's, such as Zoloft, Wellbutrin, etc, there is a host of scary data.  However, with Adderall all I can find is that it caused miscarriage in lab rats at extremely high levels (like equivalent to 200 mg/day for us humans). 

    My OB suggested I stop until 12 wks, then doesn't see an issue getting back on (very low dosage, like 10 mg/day).  I personally will not get back on until I am done breastfeeding, just like I did w/DD, only b/c I am able to function without it, and taking it revs my guilt.  God forbid something is wrong w/our child, I would blame it on that. 

    Most drs say, if you can not function without the meds, and the benefits outweigh the risks, you can knock your dosage down and continue after Tri 1.  Hope that helps :)

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  • I would stop and talk to your dr. 

    I wasn't sure yet and my doc told me to stop IMMEDIATELY bc it can cause miscarriage.

    This may not be the case but better safe then sorry, it's a pretty powerful drug! 


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  • I would stop taking it immediately. 

    I miscarried last year--did not know I was pregnant until week 7 and was taking Adderall. Doctors say it is hard to know why I miscarried, but I was advised to stay off the Adderall.  Have been off of it since, as we spent the past year TTC.  Pregnant now and doctors say I should not go back on until after done with breast feeding. 

     Good luck and congratulations! 

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