3rd Trimester

Shortness of breath 3rd tri ....anyone?

Hi ladies

Has anyone felt short of breath now being in the third tri? If so, how far along we're you when you started to notice this? 

Do you feel being exhausted makes it worse? 

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Re: Shortness of breath 3rd tri ....anyone?

  • I get short of breath. pretty common with the baby bigger and squshing your lungs
  • Same.. most of my pregnancy.
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  • It started way earlier (like in 1st tri) with this one. And in the last few weeks it's gotten really bad. I'm constantly huffing and puffing.
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  • I'd say mine started about a week or so ago and it's worse when I lay down (gravity's a b!tch) and I do find that when I'm tired it's worse. She's not even that big :(

  • Yep, me.

    I'm short and have a small torso, baby is big and high... so I have a lot of problems catching my breath. It is not fun.  

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  • i am in my 38wks and the past week has been real bad and hard to catch my breathe, I would say it got worse in my 3rd not better even though the baby dropped it seems worse.
  • I have breathing issues..., mine all started when I got sick with upper resp. Infection an just stayed with shortness of breath followed by crazy cough. My OB prescribed me an inhaler just to help open my lungs up. Then measured me 2 weeks ahead an said I'm carrying a big boy
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  • Yes, pretty much since week 15. It also turns out that I was slightly anemic, but I just made some changes in my diet and didn't need to take supplements.
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  • It's normal, the baby is growing and pushing up on your diaphragm which pushes on your lungs and makes you not get such a nice breath. I get winded from going up the stairs or walking 3 blocks to the dollar store. I'm sitting here with what might be a foot in my rib, so I'm not surprised about breathing issues. :)
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  • I recently noticed that my short of breath...It definitely started in 3rd tri...Although, I tire easily these days, I am surprised I still have a good amount of energy right now. Crossing my fingers it doesn't go away now that I've said it.
  • My girl is way up under my ribs, so I have a hard time breathing and it's very uncomfortable. I do a lot of rib opening yoga stretched to help make a little room. An easy one: put your left hand on a wall with your elbow bent standing a comfortable distance away; inhale your right arm up and over your head to the wall; exhale your right arm back down. I repeat this several time and hold it on the last one for a nice long stretch (several breaths - as long as I feel comfortable). Repeat on the other side. (As I do it, I think about lengthening the side of my body that is farthest from the wall and shortening the side of my body that is nearest the wall.)
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  • Extremely.  And I'm carrying my twin boys low.  I couldn't imagine how short of breath I'd be if I were carrying them higher up.  I'm almost 34 weeks now, and I get out of breath going up stairs, and sometimes for no reason at all...I could just be sitting there and I feel like I'm suffocating.  My nose is very stuffy, too, which doesn't help.  My strategy for fighting this is lots of saline nasal spray, and moderate exercise.  I know the exercise sound counterintuitive - but it forces me to take deep breaths, which feels great once I stop moving.  

    ps - I had this during my first trimester for some reason and it went away..only to reappear in my 3rd trimester. 



  • image LeahCK:
    Same.. most of my pregnancy.


    Same here.  It started really early for me--- like the middle of 1st tri and it has gotten worse the past couple of weeks. 

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  • image toniannV:

    image LeahCK:
    Same.. most of my pregnancy.


    Same here.  It started really early for me--- like the middle of 1st tri and it has gotten worse the past couple of weeks. 

    These. Walking up a flight of stairs is crazy. I tend to pull myself up with the handrail but I still end up wheezing at the top. My DH looks at me like I'm crazy. Maybe I am, but I'm also pregnant :)

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  • yes, I have especially just noticed this in the last 10 days or so. I have been piling stuff at the bottom of my stairs so I can minimize my trips up and down. Exersion makes it worse.
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