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where do you have your LO nap?

Should I let my 13 week old nap where ever she naps best (recently has been on me, or in stroller during walks, sometimes her swing...but mostly me), or should I be getting her to nap only in her crib or bassinet (I've tried this but it takes a lot of fussing and she will only nap for 20 minutes and is then very cranky for the rest of the day)? I'm just wondering what others have done and how it worked for did it work when you were visiting friends/family, on vacation etc? any advice or suggestions would be great :) TIA

Re: where do you have your LO nap?

  • My LO naps best in his bouncy chair (or in his stroller if we are out. I cannot get him to nap in his crib at all. The way I view it is: as long as he gets rest (longer than a cat nap), let your LO nap where she does best, whether it is her stroller, swing, bouncer or crib. If you want to try to transition, the best advice I have to offer is put her in her crib/bassinet and wait for about 20 minutes to see if she will self-sooth or fuss herself to sleep. That is what I have to do in order to get my DS back to sleep in his crib after his early morning feeding, other wise, he refuses to go back to sleep unless he sleeps next to me and my husband. When visiting or vacationing, I put my LO in his car seat (portable one) so that I can rock him to sleep. Hope this helps!
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  • When my daughter was that age (now she is 4 1/2 mths) she slept well in her bouncy rocky seat at nap and bed time she slept in her bed. There isnt any thing wrong with that just maybe not sleeping ON you, that becomes a bad habit thats hard for them to break.
  • His crib at home and day care. If we're at my parents' house, they have a mini crib for him there, and at my ILs we bring his PNP.
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  • Crib at home and at daycare.

    If we're out running errands, then he'll usually fall asleep in the car.

    Sometimes he'll pass out on the floor at daycare, which I find funny.


  • In his crib. That's pretty much the only place he will sleep, he loves his bed. Will sleep in his carseat while in the car of course. I can't remember the last time he slept anywhere else. But I've been very adamant from almost day one that he sleep in his bed for most naps. As soon as I would see him get drowsy, I would put him in bed. Wanted to start the habit early.
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  • She'll be 5 months on 4/8 and is still napping in her swing during the day... she falls asleep in the carrier, then i transfer to a swaddle and then into the swing... we'll move to the crib soon though, but i know it will be a struggle.

    Her older brother never napped well until he transition to 1 nap per day around 15 months...

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  • We transitioned to the crib after my husband started paternity leave and got her in the habit of sleeping on him.  It took a week or so but now she associates her crib/sleep sheep/lovie and me closing the blinds with nap time.
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  • We have been putting our DD down in her crib or pack N play. Eventually she won't fit in a swing or bouncer, so that is why we worked our way towards the pack n play/crib. It took about 1 week, but now she naps in them with no problem. Now when we are on vacation, we'll just take the pack n play along and she can nap in that.

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  • Usually in my arms or in my bed.... Sometimes she will nap in her RNP

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  • image StefiGir:
    ... The way I view it is: as long as he gets rest (longer than a cat nap), let your LO nap where she does bes, whether it is he stroller, swing, bouncer or crib. ...


    My LO usually naps in his Rock n Play at home or in Grandma's arms when he stays with her (she's a sucker!). But occasionally he falls asleep on my bed, on his play mat, in the carseat, in my arms, or wherever, and I let him sleep till he wakes up on his own. I'll take whatever I can get! I don't want to teach my kid to be a picky sleeper.


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  • In her RnP in her room (where she sleeps at night still) or in her carseat in the car/stroller if we're out. She hasnt fallen asleep anywhere else, like the swing or bouncy seat in a long time. She did take a really long nap on me recently and it was really nice since she never does it, not to mention it being difficult with an older LO.

  • She naps in her crib. We transitioned her from her swing 2.5 weeks ago. She also falls asleep in the car 9 times out of 10. :-)
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    I say do what works!

    My ds naps either in his crib or the couch (with me sitting nearby, I read/surf the net, etc during this time).

    He will also sleep in the stroller lying flat or the car seat if we are out but he gets a better quality nap on the couch or his crib.

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