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peeling toes - help!

I just noticed that the skin on the bottom of DS's toes is peeling and one toe is cracked and a little bloody. Does anyone else have this? Is it normal? He rarely has any socks or booties on, since he will just kick them off. He gets a bath every other day. He is not walking or crawling yet.

Should I worry? 

Re: peeling toes - help!

  • I would suggest just cleaning it up a bit, putting some lotion on there and have him wear socks or a footed onesie. It's probably just some dry skin. Happened to my LO and it cleared right up.

  • You may want to hold off on so many bathes.  You can do a sponge bath if baby really needs it, but it sounds like dry skin, which babies often have.  So, if you are doing bath every other night, use a good lotion, like Eucerin, on the whole body, esp the feet, or skip the bath and go to 1-2/week.  Sounds gross, but they don't really need it more often, unless they blow out or throw up.  If it is a nightly ritual you are trying to do, go with the sponge bath and lotion- it will replace the bath just fine!
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