1st Trimester

So...first appointment today

made the pregnancy real for me and I know i have some time to go yet but I am much more comfortable about the cramping Ive been having after the US today!!


Baby was very pronounced on the US and heartbeat was great --159 bpm!! :) I found out that i will not be able to deliver where I wanted to but I cant control that so whatever I guess.


So happy about my little miracle and praying for all of you that are pregnant and things are going well, that they continue to. And, for those of you who are dealing with loss, know that God is ALWAYS with you...and there is a reason for what He does...Praying for all!!!

Re: So...first appointment today

  • Congrats! I had my first appointment today as well. The baby did a little dance with its fists for us on the US--so precious :) The heart rate was 173bpm . . . I'm thinking it's another little girl this time! :) God bless
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  • congratulations!!!!!! I agree with your statement God is the reason for it all. May he continue to bless us all......



  • Congrats - that's so exciting!!!

    But just a word of caution. There are many women who have dealt with loss that will take offense with your statement that there is a reason for what God does. I believe you are trying to be helpful/comforting, but... just FYI. The women who may be dealing with a loss often don't take kindly to statements like that.

    AngelSmitty: This reminds me of something my college Human Sexuality professor used to say in class.  "Sex is between the legs.  Gender is between the ears."
  • I can understand why you would think that. And I know there are some who would take offense to that statement. But, its always best to try to be as positive as possible. I have been through a lot in my life with health problems and such and I know from experience that it hurts really really really bad sometimes--even when you know that God does things for a reason...because you don't know what that reason is and the pain, for the time you are going through it, is very real :( But, it makes it so much more bearable when you remind yourself that you are not in control--God is; and He does do all things for a reason. We may not know what they are but still there is a reason.

    I was saying that as a matter of trying to comfort those and remind them that God is with them always. In fact, He is the only one who is ALWAYS there...again, praying for all...those going through happiness and those going through pain and sadness...

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