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Food tastes different...?

Is anyone else experiencing this? Suddenly, some foods are not just great...THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! THE BEST THING I'VE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH!!! While others make me want to throw up all over the place. My DH boiled eggs last night and I almost murdered him. I feel like my taste buds and sense of smell are incredibly heightened. It's like being a super hero with a really lame power!

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Re: Food tastes different...?

  • Lol... Some of my favorites drive me to the bathroom now. I totally feel ya. I'm hesitant to try new things now because I just don't know what's going to happen. :)
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  • Yes.  Everything I eat (whether it sounds good or not) is 100% unsatisfying.  It blows.
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  • I used to love sour things, especially sour patch kids, jolly ranchers. Now they taste like nothing. It's probably for the best that candy is the thing I don't think tastes good anymore. Also, my favorite food has ALWAYS been pickles. I used to pack them in my lunch as a kid, brought them everywhere I went. Now I don't even feel like eating them :(
  • I havent eaten BEEF in 3 years and now for some reason I want to eat beef jerky. Also I am HOOKED on hard boiled eggs and I was never really an egg person. My nose i swear is a blood hound now cause I can smell everything! It sucks majorly lol. But Other than hot dogs food just doesnt seem to appeal to me. But hot dogs when i eat one seem like the greatest thing ever made to me. I love hot dogs lol. I cant eat peperoni now though makes me wanna throw up, was one of my favorite things. And I made a HUGE mistake when I was 5 1/2 wks we went to this mexican restaurant that we loved before I got PG and I was SOOOO sick after that I will never eat mexican again throughout this pregnancy!

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  • When I eat something I'm craving (whatever that might be at that minute) it tastes AMAZING...like the best thing ever...I'm enjoying this random side effect!!
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  • Ugh...nothing tastes great to me right now, I wish it did though.  Most things taste pretty awful right now.  I'll think about eating something that sounds good (ice cream, peanut butter cups, etc.), but then I can't even make myself eat it.  So weird :(
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  • I'm not experiencing anything quite like that yet.  Only thing I have noticed is that I don't really like cooking dinner, maybe because of the smells (and I love cooking) but once I do cook it, I'm ok for the most part.  I'm not liking meat much, definitely craving more carbs and fruits.
  • Let me tell you how peanut butter tastes TERRIBLE!! And mustard, which pre-pregnancy was the worst thing on the earth for me to eat, suddenly is all I want. So strange and kinda funny trying to keep up with my taste buds.  Hahaha
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  • I'm with you too. With ds, I stopped liking yellow squash and it still tastes weird to me 3 years later. I used to really like it. Pregnancy does weird things to you. 
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  • I was a big vegetable person, salads, veggies on the side of every meal, even breakfast but now, vegetables make my stomach turn. All I want is potato chips, bread, salty, bad stuff that I never ate before. I think it is because I am feeling kind of naseous at some points in the day and the carbs settle some of that feeling.
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  • I saw this under hot topic and had to comment. 

    When I was pregnant everything that I loved tasted terrible to me.  Hubby wanted me to make him a salad one day and I cried, I couldn't do it because it just looked weird.  I loved salads before I was pregnant, hated them while pregnant.  The chocolate chip cookies that I loved to treat myself with tasted bizarre.  I actually had food aversions for my whole pregnancy.  By the grace of God my twins gained weight - they were born at 36 weeks 2 days and 5lb6oz and 4lb7oz and they came home with me when I left the hospital.I lived on Ensure weight gain formula, peaches, oranges, bacon and eggs.

    Yes- your taste buds do go back after you deliver.  I am now enjoying daily salads once again.

    All the best to you!


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  • I was getting ready to ask the same question. I'm only 6 weeks along, but I feel like my whole appetite has changed. Sometimes, things taste AMAZING and sometimes gross. I LOVE cauliflower normally but today it tasted rancid and I know that it's fresh. Milk tastes awful. I went to the store yesterday only to have to leave because of the rotisserie chicken smell permeating the whole place. Obnoxious!  
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