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How many u/s?

So it sounds like I get two, one today and one right after 20 weeks.  Is everyone else like this, or do you get more?  It was so exciting,  I could get addicted, (don't worry, I am not going to).

Re: How many u/s?

  • It sounds like that's pretty typical. (I know what you mean about being addicted: I've had one at each of my 2 appointments so far and my third will be in 2 weeks at my NT scan...I'm not sure what's going to happen if I have an appointment where I DON'T have an U/S! I'm so conditioned to seeing the baby, now!) =)
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  • Wow, so you have had one each time?  Right now I am jealous.
  • So far I have had 3 Nov. 11 will be 4 then for the sex will be 5 then I dont know..but i have special conditions
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  • image BecksGumby:
    Wow, so you have had one each time?? Right now I am jealous.

    On one hand, I'm crazy spoiled by my doc...on the other, I've now had two meetings with the dildo cam (ahem). My doctor made a point of congratulating me and announcing that next appointment, I should be able to do abdominal (it gave me the feeling he gets some complaints about the transvag!) I'm not one to complain b/c after hearing other people's experiences on here (much less frequent U/S) I feel awfully pampered...?

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  • I also have special circumstances, so my frequent ultrasounds were monitoring health problems for me.  I have had four so far, and I will have a 5th on 11/14/08.  When I am handed off to my OB (from my RE), I will probably have much less. 
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  • 1 is average (at 20 weeks).  They usually only do one early on if 1- there's a history of miscarriage or prior problems, or 2- to date the pregnancy (if you don't know when you conceived).

    With DS I got 2... one at 11 weeks when I was spotting and one at 20 weeks.

    With DD I got 2... one at 5 1/2 weeks (she was an oops and I had no idea how far along I was) and one at 20 weeks.

    Yes, they absolutely amazing and reassuring :)

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  • I have been twice already and I got one both times. I learned I was pregnant very early, so I guess they want to keep u/s until they see the baby and hb. Everything is going great so far!!!!!

    I have noticed though that everyone there is getting u/s too. It is a VERY large clinic so maybe they do it everytime. ::shrugs::

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  • I had 1 at 8.5 weeks - and then I was having a pain by my gallbladder...so they wanted to check that out..so I had another one at 10 weeks & then I went to my OB/GYN after the 10 week ultrasound (at the hospital) so he could tell me everything was alright & had another one there....and then I'll get one at 20 weeks....I think every doctor is different - I've know people to get them for every visit (my doctor doesn't do that)..but some do.
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  • I think I will get 3. ?My doc said at 11 weeks (even though my 1st will be at 9 weeks), one at 20 then one right before my due date.

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  • I'll get a bunch, too, but it's just because I don't have uncomplicated pregnancies. 

    I'll have 1 Thursday, then 1 at 12wks, then the anatomy scan at 19wks, then I'll have them every 2wks starting at 28wks.  I have high BP, so they do BPPs to make sure the baby is OK in there.  I also get really sick, don't gain weight, and my uterus stops growing at 36wks, so I have growth u/s done. 

    They start every 2wks, then every wk, then 2x a wk.

  • May I ask, what is an anatomy scan?
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