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rash after exposure to sun/heat

So, since getting preg, I know that I really can't stand being overheated but I still love to go outside.  However, today i was outside and i had pants on. I noticed the my leg felt REALLY hot so i moved into the shade.  Well, no biggie because I had black pants on.  I went to the bathroom before going back to work, and my leg that had been hot was covered in big red blotches that were not itchy but it was all blotchy and didnt go away if i rubbed my leg or anything...am i going to be allergic to the sun or heat while preg??


Ive never ever had a problem like this. i was only in the sun for maybe 15 minutes...any ideas?



Re: rash after exposure to sun/heat

  • Ask your docotor.  Sun was one of the first things she warned me about as she knows I play alot of outdoor sports.  She said alot of women are extreamly sensitive to the sun when they are pregnant.
  • Oh, wow. Thanks I was just like wow i know ive been feeling overheated at times but I have always been one to be able to withstand the heat and sun. I LOVE summer!! Thank you!! I have my first apt this tuesday morning :) :)  Oh, and CONGRATS on the October arrival! I am an Oct. baby and I wanted one but Nov. is a close 2nd! ;)


  • Your skin is very sensitive right now, even if you can't tell.  I learned this working out in the garden a little bit this weekend. DH told tell me to go inside because I was all red and splotchy, and I didn't even think the sun felt that strong ! But when I got inside I did feel kind of heated and light headed, so guess we all have to take it a little easier in the heat now.

  • Sounds like sun poisoning. My mum gets it all the time and you may be allergic to the sun and now that your are pregnant it's worse. You have to wear long pants outside and made sure you always wear sunscreen. Talk to your doctor but that is what it sounds like to me.  
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